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Awareness workshop among Da Afghanistan Bank goals, policies for journalists

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By: Shukria Kohistani

A one-day workshop on Da Afghanistan Bank goals, duties and policies held for media in Kabul.
The workshop held by the bank’s authorities, during which information presented about Da Afghanistan Bank’s duties and money policies, its general directorate to supervise financial affairs and access to public services.
The bank’s deputy to money policies general directorate Ahmad Khalid Meraj said that the bank aimed to keep the domestic prices stable and ensure a sound banking and financial system.
According to him, as Afghanistan’s economy is facing with considerable trade deficiency and to keep the domestic prices stable, the bank has sold almost $2555 million and 128.45 million Euro through auction which it collected around 166.24 billion Afghani from the market.
On US dollar rise against Afghani he said that to keep the Afghani currency value stable, the bank organized an auction process each week.
He added if we don’t supply US dollar to the market, each dollar would become 200 Afghani.
On supervision of the companies that offers currency services, the bank’s deputy on financial affairs general directorate Sayed Muhsen Sadat said that we have offered some conditions and procedures to legalize these companies, adding we review their works by supervision teams.
Pointing at banks’ situation, he added currently banks are not in bad situation, they earn interests and their loan system is operational as well.
He added Da Afghanistan Bank distributes activity licenses to money services companies that include 12 banks, 3 electronic money entities, 1389 money services’ suppliers and 1694 currency exchanges.
During the workshop, a bank official Abdul Matin Ghafouri pointed out at financial services growth that include many goals such as revenue inequality, taking part to reduce poverty and prepare the ground for employment.
At the end, the bank distributed certificates to media representatives who attended the workshop.
Da Afghanistan Bank plans to hold many other awareness workshops on its activities in the future.


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