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Attacking worshippers, a cowardly act

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Targeting holy places and worshipers are the most serious issues being practiced by the radical militants in Afghanistan. Taliban and IS militants are widely involved in such attacks. With Taliban’s increasing tripos to regional countries for peace in Afghanistan, the group has been using new divisive tactics and approaches which is more dangerous than war in the battlefield.
Attacking religious scholars, mosques, worshipers and certain ethnic groups are some of the new approaches and tactics which have carried out in recent months. According to local experts, targeting ethnic or religious groups are based on the sinister purpose of igniting religious divisions and sectarian war in the country.
Recently, at least 72 people were martyred, and more than 40 others wounded in a bomb blast that ripped through a mosque during Friday’s prayers in the Haska Mena district of eastern Nangarhar province.
The explosion caused by a landmine which had already been planted took place in Jodar village away from the district center, according to local officials. There was no claim of responsibility for the attack, but both Taliban and Daesh militants operate in the province.
Meanwhile the incident received national and international condemnations with President Ghani and Chief Executive blaming Taliban for providing the group for other terrorist to carry out such deadly attacks. The president also travelled to the incident area and met with the families of martyrs. The president prayed for the souls of martyrs, saying militants cannot justify such barbaric acts.
This is not for the first time that militants carrying out such inhuman and anti-Islamic acts, they have time and again targeted mosques and assassinated religious scholars. They try to turn off the voice of real scholars who aware the people about a senseless war in the country. By targeting clerics, Quran reciters and religious ceremonies, terrorists have shown their own real face as they practically started fight against Islamic preachers and values.
Considering such attacks, Afghan forces have changed its strategy towards the Taliban and other militants and the brave Afghan soldiers, along with NATO support, have maximized their attacks as backlash to insurgency.
Since the soft policy, peace-offering, was proved abortive and peace talks failed to bear the desired result, the hard policy namely military deal will be the only option to counter insurgency – it is what Afghan government has ushered in. Although, insurgency has not been mitigated in Afghanistan, Taliban also suffer large casualties and reel from the death of their high-ranking officials and commanders. The National Unity Government have promised to the nation that would punish the culprits as terrorist and spoilers will not be absolved of responsibility for such crimes.
Militants sparing no efforts to bring gap among the state and nation and with increasing attacks on holy places, worshippers and religious scholars, they want to show the people that government is not capable to provide security for them. The militants’ such approach is totally against the holy religion of Islam, as they kill non-combatants in public places.
The Taliban IS and other militants have lost the courage to fight directly with the Afghan forces as more than 15 districts were recaptured by the Afghan forces in recent weeks. They indeed carrying such inhuman acts to put pressures on Afghan government, but people already started to hate them as they are misusing the meaning of Islam for their own interests, which is instability, terror, drug and human trafficking.
The religious unity and solidarity of the Afghan people have been exemplary in the world; therefore, the terrorists must clearly realize that their inhumane and anti-religious acts can never ever exert negative influence on our national unity and harmony. Our national unity is being solidified.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.