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‘Attack on west of Kabul was an assault on Afghan national & religious unity’

School Principles

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a meeting with principals of private schools in Kabul on Saturday evening, said serious steps have been taken to improve the security situation in Kabul, pledging facilitation and reforms of private schools, a statement from the presidential press office said on Sunday.

Representing others Mohammad Aref Fetri and Sayed Abdullah Ahmadi slammed the recent attacks, calling them against national unity. They promised no one would be allowed to fan ethnic or sectarian divisions among Afghans.

They urged the president to order a reduction in taxes, simplification of private school regulations, scrapping of non-essential licenses and availability of textbooks through the ministry concerned.

The private school representatives also demanded a cut in power tariff for training centers and inclusion of three teachers in Human Resource Council.

Meanwhile addressing his remarks, President Ghani said attack in the west of Kabul was an assault on Afghan national and religious unity.” Major changes had been made in Kabul’s security leadership to improve the situation, he added.

The president asked school administrators to evaluate threats in coordination with security forces so that focused steps were taken to resolve the issue. He added the capital had been divided into four security zones and there was a department responsible for the protection of the western part.

President Ghani directed the acting minister of education to work on amending private school regulations in consultation with their heads. The private schools should have legitimate licenses and unnecessary documentation should be eliminated, he said.

The president also ordered the Finance Ministry, Office of Administrative Affairs at the Presidential Palace and the power utility to minimize the taxes and electricity tariff for private schools.

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