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Attaching importance to sport, valuing human health, Sound Society

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By: Nangayai Osmani

Despite of being at close quarters with economic constraints, there are large number of kind, sympathetic and accountable persons who support sportsmen and sport community. One of our longstanding sportsmen who have been trying to promote and develop sport among people particularly youth, is Shamsurrahman Qazizada who is living in U.A.E for 21 years and due to his spirit of patriotism has always supported sportsmen.
Our sport correspondent has made the following interview with this sport loving athlete.
Qazizadah said, educated and sportsmen youth are the only way of salvation of our country and people from misfortunes and accessing to happiness, progress and development of the country. This is our religious and national responsibility to invest on youth, enable them to study and sport with peace of mind and bring pride by sport to their homeland.
He added, our sportsmen have raised and hoisted our national flag throughout the world and have been thinking always on gloriousness of the country. This is our people, society national traders and government responsibility to support sportsmen sincerely and promote sport.
Talking on his sport achievements, Qazizadah said, for the first time, I received an award in the field of boxing in Dubai, the capital of UAE. I gained a honorary medal from the Afghan embassy in Dubai due to my services and support of Afghan sportsmen, I have also received tens of medals and letter of appreciations from the civil society and sport bodies.
He added, paving the way of higher educations to youth to abroad specially Al-Azhar university, Egypt, as well as preparing sport facilities for poor youth, financial support of Baz Mohammad Mubarez and Ahmad Wali Hotak in UAE competitions, paving the way of visit of Zabihullah one of the free fighters to Uzbekistan have also taken place by me.
He went on to say, hosted by UAE, a boxing competition was organized and three Afghan boxers Zemaray Mohammadi, Sarkay and Samiullah Arman had attended it and achieved first position against Egypt and Romania.
Talking on the role of sport in society, Qazizadah said, sport plays key role in health and freshness of people. Sportsmen need a sound environment void of pollution.

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