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Asphalting work of 12 km road begun in Kunduz

Men watching road work on Kabul Kandahar Highway in 2003
Dr. Imad Abdul Salam Al-Sheikh receives an emergency medical health kit from USAID Dart team at a primary health care center in the Al-Kargh district of Baghdad, Iraq. The kit, contains supplies and medicine, that can benefit up to 10.000 people for three months.

Kunduz City: Asphalting work of 12 km road has started in Imam Sahib district, northern Kunduz province. Mahbobullah Sayidi district governor of Imam Sahib during the inauguration ceremony of the road spoke about good governance, ensuring security, development, education and environmental problems of the district. Mohammad Rahim Rahmati director of public work department in Kunduz during the ceremony told, the road will be asphalted with a sum of 600 million Afghani within the next 18 months. Abdul Jabar Naimai governor of Kunduz demanded from people of the province to support any kind of development projects and pay attention in reconstruction and progress of the province.

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