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ASCF appreciates Samira Asghari

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By: Nangyalai Osmani

Afghanistan Sport Correspondents Federation (ASCF) appreciated activities of Samira Asghari the only representative of Afghanistan sport in International Committee of Olympic in a ceremony.
In a function held at the hall of Kabul Star with the participation of chairwoman, deputy and members of Executive Committee of Sport Correspondents Federation, vanguard ladies in sport and a number of leaders of different sport federations including Taekwondo and basketball, achievements and activities of Ms Asghari were appreciated.
Addressing the function, chairwoman of ASCF Sayer Zaland said, we celebrate achievements of all Afghans irrespective of their tribe, ethnicity, gender, or geographical residence. Samira Asghary was recently elected as the youngest member of O.I.C as she is the first Afghan who has achieved O.I.C membership so far and created pride to Afghan people.
As the only female sportswoman of Afghanistan Samira, Asghari was elected some times before to the membership of O.I.C council.
In the 133rd global meeting of O.I.C in Boinesaires, Argentina with 77 votes in favor.
In June 2019 she had also attended the annual congress and the first global festival of S.C.F in Geneva, Swiss.
Samira Ashghari has recently received the sculpture of Afghanistan sportswoman of the year on behalf of ASCF and honorary sculpture of Sport Correspondents Global Federation that was sent to her by Jiani Merlo, from Sayer Zaland chairwoman of ASCF.
Samira Asghari who is a member of Afghanistan National Basketball team too, was elected last year as Afghanistan sportswoman of the year during the second festival of Afghanistan sport premier awards which was held by Sport Correspondents Federation. During the ceremony, for the first time message of Thomas Bach chairman of O.I.C was readout for ASCF on the occasion of Asghari election in the executive committee of the biggest sport body.


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