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Artists fulfill fruitful efforts in past years


By: Lailuma Noori

If we see the history of art of music, calligraphy, painting, statuary and other fine arts in Afghanistan, the history of these fine arts go to hundreds years or more than that.
Foreign and domestic archaeologists have succeeded to discover wonderful statues and big and historic buildings in our country during the past history, showing historic monuments of Ariayees, Khorasanides and today’s Afghanistan.
The tall Buddha statues, inventions in Ai-Khanum and all other areas of the country are such examples identifying the history of fine arts in our country.
Also, Afghanistan art has spanned many centuries and has a great history and heritage of more than 5,000 years. One of the most famous Afghan art eras is the Gandhara between the 1st and 7th century. It was based on Greco-Buddhic art and examples were found at the Kabul Museum and National Gallery.
Works and services of our country’s artists in the course of history are considerable. The history will never forget their works and services. If we see back, we can name Ustad Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi, Ustad Abdul Ghafoor Breshna, Kamaluddin Behzad and others who have created masterpieces in fine arts. For example, Ustad Breshna has books in music and drama writing besides painting.
Afghanistan art has a unique heritage but during the three decades of war and conflict much of the arts were stolen from Afghanistan and smuggled mostly to Pakistan but also to Iran and neighboring countries. In the course of past history, galleries have been stolen and the country’s famous paintings have been missing or destroyed.
Nevertheless, in recent years, efforts have been made for the revival of fine arts in particular painting in Afghanistan. Afghan young painters have joined to be painters and opened various painting exhibitions in various cities of the country. In the past 18 years, Afghan artists have been able to create high art masterpieces and make fruitful efforts in this sector. In recent years, Afghanistan government by giving permission to cultural and art organizations and providing them with some budgets have made efforts to revive the lost opportunities in this sector, but artists say lack of possibilities and inattention of relevant government officials to various fields of art have caused that many artists are sidelined. During the past 18 years, billions of dollars provided by donor countries and Afghanistan government and spent in various economic, political, social and education sectors, but art and culture of Afghanistan are still kept in sideline and no considerable attention has been paid to this field.
In general, cinema artists, poets and saturators have always suffered pain and poverty and no considerable attention has been paid to the life of artists who have always tried to serve their people and country by their art works. We can say that the art situation in Afghanistan is concerning.

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