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“Arg Archive would only be run by MoIC,” President Ghani

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President Ghani and Acting Minister Safi inaugurating Arg Archive

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, during a ceremony inaugurating the Arg Archive, said that the archive would only be run by the Ministry of Information and Culture and that no presidential officials have the authority of interfering in its affairs, BNA reported the other day.
The agency quoted the president as visiting different parts of the Arg Archive and saying the way would be paved for the researchers to access its documentaries, based on professional regulations, under the supervision of the ministry of information and culture.
“Our Archive’s situation is extremely annoying, as in the past tens of documents have been pilled inside a box, with no classification,” regretted the president adding he had sent a delegation to monitor this archive and that of belonging to the Afghan Film, but their findings were that no enough facilities have been provided for their maintenance.
Pointing to what the president called the archive an extra profession, said the archive should be managed and controlled by the skilled personnel and the ministry of information and culture would be the only authorized entity to manage and control the archive with no authority to the presidential officials to interfere in the affairs.
The president said the archive was a good source of revenue for the ministry of information and culture, the agency said. He pointed to the role of the students and said both school and university students have to get familiarized with the history of their country and that the main aim of the archive inauguration was to protect it and help the experts and totally the entire people of Afghanistan get access to the documents.
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