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Archeologists discover 2500 year old buddhist prison in Nangarhar


By: Karima Malikzada

KABUL: Another historical object was unearthed in the ancient Sabzabad region of the country’s eastern Jalalabad province, an official said Sunday. The single-room discovered prison has 260 cm length, 210 cm width and 230 cm depth, which is excavated in the deepness of the earth, Rahimullah Khogyanay, the provincial Director of Information and Culture told The Kabul Times.

arAccording to Khogyany, excavation to unearth more historical objects was underway. The reason why the discovered room has been called a prison, is that it has no entrance from the four sides and all around it is encompassed with walls with only a door-type loophole on the roof, said the director. The allegedly unearthed prison dated back to 2,500 years according to the provincial information and culture chief. Khogyany added that the architecture of the room may reach to three eras of Koshanid, Buddhism and Islam, but it was not confirmed by the expert. Up to 12 rooms have so far been appeared since the start of the excavation process in 2018, according to the official who added more historical objects and under-earth buildings were hoped to discovered.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.