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Approach with disabled insulting

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In its annual report, touching on learning and propagation of human rights, AIHRC has announced that lack of awareness has made behavior to persons with disabilities inhuman and even insulting.
The report adds that in 1397 fiscal year, AIHRC Kabul Regional Office through holding of learning meetings, has prepared and released guidelines for proper and humanitarian behavior with persons to disability. This guideline would help the people to have suitable and void of insulation and aspersion behavior with these persons and consider them useful, effective and capable persons until an inclusive society take shape.
The report went on to say that awareness giving is one of the proper ways for removal of this problem and concern. Promotion of citizens’ awareness on human rights of persons with disability, beside enabling these persons to appeal for defence of their rights, paves the way of their rights’ support by others too.
In 1397 fiscal year, the Kabul Regional Office of AIHRC launched learning workshops and trained 827 people including 317 women and 510 men on goals and mechanisms of the commission, human rights of persons with disabilities in national and international documents, knowhow of behave with these persons and support of rights and freedoms of this social group. The participants of this program included other strata and social guides beside persons with disability. Beside that, Kabul Regional Office in the last fiscal year, trained 8481 people on human rights including 4522 women and 3959 men from different social groups.
In 1397 fiscal year, Kabul Regional Office launched learning programs for ANA, ANP, NDS officers based on the AIHRC program of action for promotion of their awareness on human rights. The K.R.O report adds that awareness of ANSDF officials enjoy particular importance and their high level awareness reduces the rate of human rights violation. Totally in 1397 fiscal year, K.R.O of AIHRC held 14 workshops for 440 ANSDF officials including 102 women and 338 men.
Violence a serious challenge against women rights:
The report of K.R.O adds that violence against women is one of the serious challenges ahead of ensuring human rights of women as low level of people awareness on women rights is one of the basic factors of this problem. Promotion of citizens awareness on women’s human rights causes women to be particularly supported and paves the way of their access to their human rights.
The K.R.O adds that based on AIHRC annual program of action, in 1397 fiscal year, the KRO held 25 awareness giving meetings in Parwan, Panjsher, kapisa, Maidan Wardak, Ghazni and Qarabagh, Istalif, Kalakan, Guldarah and Paghman districts of Kabul province and as a result of these awareness giving meetings, the knowledge of 621 women and 213 men has been improved and promoted on women rights in national and international laws, the law on prohibition of violence against women, family violence and its unpleasant consequences, escape from home and its reasons and factors behind and achievements of AIHRC.
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