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Anybody acting beyond law to be arrested, spokesperson


KABUL: Deputy Spokesperson to President Shah Hussain Murtazawi says anybody that acts beyond the Afghan law will be arrested.
Speaking to journalists in a news conference yesterday, Murtazawi said: “Anyone that acts against the law and the people file complaint against him will be arrested and submitted to judicial organs.”
He added that besides that Nezamuddin Qaisari was arrested, other powerful individuals such as Rahimullah in Urzgan and Daud in Farah who were acting beyond laws have been arrested.
Pointing to ‘International Ulama Conference on Peace and Stability in Afghanistan’ in Saudi Arabia, Murtazawi said that the conference would deliver a clear message in connection with Afghanistan peace, hoping that those groups fighting against the people and government of Afghanistan would respect the message and stop war and violence in the country.
Related to NATO summit to be held in Brussels on Thursday, deputy spokesperson to President said that President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had left for Brussels, would meet leaders of NATO member countries and deliver speech in the summit.
In the news conference, Murtazawi also by pointing to shifting Afghan Film archive to Arg said: “Based on instruction of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, it is determined that the Afghan Film archive’s stuffs will be transferred to an archive in Arg to further protect and preserve the stuffs.”
He added that the shift would not be forever and the archive stuffs would be returned back after the Afghan Film department found a safer and better place for its archive.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.