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Any suggested peace plan should guarantee real peace in Afghanistan, NSA


By: Lailuma Noori

Afghanistan National Security Advisor Hamdullah Mohib says any initiative or peace plan if suggested should guarantee real peace in the country. He said the international community and Taliban should guarantee it.
“We’re debating on various alternatives, but the key point is that Taliban are engaged in war rather than peace in the country,” Mohib said. His remarks have come after a number of the country’s politicians pointed to formation of a possible transitional or interim government for peace with the Taliban group.
Afghanistan peace process has been initiated, started and run by Afghan government which is working close with the UN to bring peace into the country, but unfortunately the Taliban group has never shown any interest to the peace despite of continued efforts made by the Afghan government and international community.
For example, turning to violence and violent attacks on Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and innocent civilians is showing their vicious intention and indifference towards intra-Afghan talks and ending the ongoing war. Taliban has now turned to play double games with Afghanistan government and the international community as they are in Doha for talks, but on the ground they conduct violent attacks on civilians and ANDSF to show their power to the world.
They have signed a peace deal with the US, but they spare no effort for killing ANDSF and Afghan innocent civilians and destruction of public infrastructures. What is clear to all is that Taliban has not changed despite the fact that the 2nd round of the intra-Afghan talks has started in Doha. Based on reports, Taliban wants to get the power with military force, but their dream won’t come true as the country’s national defense and security forces are bravely fighting and suppressing them in each corner of the country.
The first perception will be that Taliban by increasing violent attacks and killing Afghan civilians wants to exert further pressure and get further concessions in intra-Afghan talks in Doha. In their recent attacks, no change has been seen in their ideology, showing that the group is still thinking they can get the power by force.
Taliban’s safe havens and training centers are in Pakistan and it is Pakistan which is telling the Taliban group to be strict in both sides of the war and peace. The group is not independent and cannot decide what to do without instruction of the government of Pakistan.
There will be no real peace in Afghanistan if the Taliban group does not accept the country’s constitution. Any initiative or plan if suggested for peace in Afghanistan should help Afghanistan reach lasting and real peace, or it will be a dream nothing else. This comes amid of increasing targeted killings, violent attacks on ANDSF and civilians and IED blasts killing dozens of innocent civilians on daily basis. On the other hand, debates are ongoing for formation of a possible transitional government which cannot guarantee real peace in the country.



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