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Any peace plan should maintain political system, constitution: VP Danesh

VP Danesh

By: The Kabul Times

KABULL Addressing an event marking the 26th Martyrdom Anniversary of Abdul Ali Mazari here in Kabul on Thursday, Second Vice President Sarwar Danesh said no peace plan should lead to the collapse of the Republic system and the abolition of the Constitution.
VP Danesh said that any plan for an interim and participatory government without holding elections would be a doomed plan, adding that plans proposed should be within the current political system and within the Constitution.
“The government emphasizes that, firstly, no plan should be proposed in the absence of the Afghan government and without considering our national interests and only based on the wishes of foreigners; and secondly, any plan should be proposed while maintaining the political system and the Constitution of the country,” VP Danesh added.
He also said any plan should not put the government and political system at risk of collapsing nor should it threaten the Constitution. “Therefore, we consider the plan of an interim government as a kind of setback which will cause the current system to collapse.”
“Peace with dignity and permanence is important. The people of Afghanistan want a peace that preserves the dignity and authority of the country and does not mean the collapse of the current system,” VP Danesh added.
“The Taliban group demands allegiance from us, but we do not accept such a request and we do not pledge allegiance to anyone,” said Mohammad Mohaqiq, President’s senior adviser.
Former vice president Yunus Qanooni also addressed the event and said that Washington wants to change the format of the talks in order to speed up the peace process. “The format of the negotiations should change in order to expedite the peace efforts and ensure enduring peace in the country. Afghan peace process requires consensus within Afghanistan, in the region and in the international community,” Qanooni said.
These remarks come as US Special Envoy for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad left Kabul on Thursday after a three-day visit to discuss various alternatives and options in a bid to get the peace process moving forward.

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