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Any peace deal with Taliban should guarantee achievements

intra afghan peace talks

The 8th round of talks between US representatives and Taliban delegations to reach a peace agreement is underway in Doha, the capital of Royal state of Qatar which was started last Saturday and may last few days more.
News leaked through this meeting to media indicate that both sides closed more than ever to sign a peace accord.
The special representative of the US State Department for Afghan peace Zalmay Khalilzad has said in a tweet that they are seeking a good agreement. It seems that Taliban would reach a final agreement and signaled that want to reach an accord. “We are also ready to achieve a good accord.” But Khalilzad has not clarified the details of a good accord and its conditions.
According to Afghans, a good agreement means that would cause the flame of war in Afghanistan to be extinguished forever. This is very important that prior to everything, bloodshed should be stopped, killing of Afghans be ended and stability be restored.
This is implemented only when following signing of peace agreement by both sides, a permanent and nationwide ceasefire be declared to move towards intra-Afghan dialogue and start a constructive and useful discussion on all relevant issues.
It should pave the way for a vast talks including direct talks between the Taliban and the Afghan government and enable both negotiating delegations to discuss and scrutinize all aspects with peace of mind and remove current problems and disputes respectively.
It would be possible only when trust is rebuilt between both sides and the two sides trust each other. The Afghan people trust the Taliban that don’t intend to confiscate everything and upon withdrawal of foreign troops would not grab the whole power and make sure that Taliban would say goodbye and give up violence forever and would not lead Afghanistan to 80s and 90s.
This requires the Taliban to sever with violence and cut ties with terrorist groups. Arrangements be made that the eligible armed members of Taliban be recruited by ANSDF and ineligible Taliban militants be disarmed, be recruited in civilian branches and a successful reintegration process be accomplished as demobilization must also be part of this process and the destiny of armed Taliban and their available arms and weapons should be cleared.
The achievements of the last decades must be protected and Afghanistan must not return to zero point from which two decades before started its journey. During this period the Afghans have gained a lot of things including a national elected administration. All structures of this administration have been rebuilt, developed, evaluated. Afghanistan owns the biggest human capital. Thousands of youths have been educated and trained in these years in domestic and foreign universities and educational centers and employed by the government.
Beside that today we enjoy the biggest social potential. The path of development and move towards progress has been opened ahead of us. The foundation of a national economy has been laid down. For achieving all these and hundreds other gains, huge moral and material investments have been made. They should be protected and not to be wasted in lieu of peace. The values of Afghan people such as Republic, Democracy, citizenship, civil liberties are irreversible and their protection is the Red Line of Afghan people.
Every peace agreement should guarantee that these values would not be victimized and would not be a price for peace. Any agreement that doesn’t guarantee protection of these values would not be acceptable for Afghans, would not be a solution to problem and wouldn’t restore reliable peace and stability in Afghanistan. Otherwise most likely, the crisis would continue in another form for many years.

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