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Anticipation of Afghans from Qatar peace meeting

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Qatar meeting considered somehow as the second intra-Afghani dialogue will soon resume after a break. Deputy of High Peace Council (HPC) Habiba Surabi is apparently keen to participate in the meeting.
Surabi says the meeting which will be held in Doha is called by Qatari government. The issue has been discussed and shared with head of HPC secretariat. No members of the HPC have been invited to the meeting so far.
Based on reports, Qatari government has said there is hope that representatives of Afghanistan government will join the second intra-Afghani conference which is aimed to find a way for solution of Afghanistan dispute. The number of participants will reach to 100. Participation of representatives of Afghanistan government in the conference has not be officially confirmed so far. Presidential and chief executive offices have not said anything in this regard.
Afghan political experts believe that participation of representatives of Afghanistan government in the conference is significant.
“I hope representatives of Afghanistan government participate in Qatar conference. It will be an achievement that the warring sides and political faces who are all Afghans get together and hear each other’s visions. This will provide facility to reach common issues,” Kabul University lecturer Nasrullah Stanekzai said. 
On the other hand, the people of Afghanistan by welcoming the ongoing peace talks stress that they won’t accept a process through which Taliban keep on their strict policies in connection with women and human rights. Afghanistan government has pledged that all visions of the people and various classes including women are important in peace talks.
All believe that constitution and other modern values for which US and other international partners have invested for the past 17 years can play effective role in maintaining lasting peace and preventing Afghanistan from falling into claws of terrorism once again. Therefore, protection of all values are key for both the people and government of Afghanistan.
In the meantime, Afghanistan government needs strong support of the international community so that it can overcome possible insurgency and terrorism as Daesh and other foreign terrorist networks, drug trafficking, addressing problems of refugees in Pakistan and Iran, displaced families, poverty and unemployment in the country.
In consideration to the respective points, Taliban are seriously violating human rights in the country. In ongoing peace talks, all key issues should be discussed. For now on, Taliban should stop violence, launching suicide attacks, killing innocent civilians and complex attacks on government and non-government institutions and observe human rights and other international laws.
Recent peace efforts have increased hopes among Afghans who believe that efforts which are underway in national and international levels will finally help bring peace in the country.
Lailuma Noori

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