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Anti pollution campaigns continue

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By: Shukria Kohistani

To reduce air pollution, 136 contaminating sources were shut and systems of 132 others improved.
NEPA presented report of activity results and achievements of the four preventing committees of air pollution including Operational, Public Awareness, Legislature and quality control of petroleum.
Addressing a joint press conference with representatives of MoI and Kabul Municipality, Director of NEPA Shah Zaman Maiwandi said, in the last 27 days, over 416 contaminating sources of air including high rise buildings, suburbs, recreation, brick kilns, hotels, restaurants, baths and factories have been supervised.
82 sources of pollution have pledged to improve their systems. Maiwandi went on to say, as a result of supervision of traffic department, 1584 vehicles which committed violations were identified and 398 smoke producing vehicles were stopped.
Tens owners of high rise buildings, bathes, hospitals and other violators are expected to be introduced to legal and judicial branches and prosecuted.
Maiwandi reported on joint meetings with owners of public and private media aimed to cover relevant issues of air pollutions, mask distribution campaign, sermons and Fridays, launching of dialogues with people on pollution.
He added that as a result of activities of legislative committee, the drafts of two orders on prohibition of use of tires, plastics, robber, compulsory installing of smoke infliration filter, were prepared and signed by president.
Maiwandi said, petroleum quality control committee under the NSNA has been setup in Kabul fuel stations.
Since one month, sampling process from fuel stations has been started across the capital city to prevent supply of low quality petroleum.
According to a report of NEPA, as a result of natural reasons and launching of serious measures of responsible departments, since 29th of Dec 2019, the rate of Kabul air pollution has considerably decreased.
Chairman of NEPA added, the supervising process of contaminating sources will be going on continuously.
Welcoming the relevant government bodies’ activities, a number of capital inhabitants appreciated those above measures.
Saddam a resident of Bagh-e-Bala said, Kabul air has relatively improved since a few weeks earlier and we can breath clean air now.
Tameem another capital resident said, recent steps of concerned bodies on reduction of pollution has been effective and those measures should continue. People also must take part. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.