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ANSDF act successfully

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CE Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has evaluated record of ANSDF in fighting with insurgents successful. Addressing a meeting of CMs he said, Taliban led armed insurgents planned in current year to occupy big cities and populated areas and bring them under their domination but failed to achieve their goals.
CE added, ANSDF prevented Taliban to implement their goals and materialize their plans.
In the outset of current year, Taliban drafted an operational plan of spring offensive called “Al-Fatha” and under this codename launched operations in some provinces, but as it was seen they didn’t manage to achieve any target in these provinces. Launching suicide attacks and explosions in some provinces including Kabul, Taliban caused once again murder and bloodletting and victimized civilians but failed to occupy big and populated cities.
As it is seen, initiative is in the hand of ANSDF in the battlefields. Whenever terrorists escalate insurgency, face strong and decisive reaction of ANSDF and eliminated without any gain.
People expect ANSDF not to allow insurgents to act and then ANSDF react for their supersession. People expect ANSDF to identify insurgents everywhere, dismantle their sanctuaries and strongholds, eliminate them effectively.
The Afghan minister of defence said, “We behead insurgents and terrorists and take their trenches”. ANSDF should invade terrorists hideouts particularly in the vicinity of cities and destroy them.
Here we should touch another important issue i,e presence of insurgents’ agents inside the city. These terrorists influence cities under different pretexts, launch suicide attacks and explosions and make both blood, kill innocent people and destroy private and public properties and infrastructures.
People expect ANSDF to undertake such measures to prevent their influences and subversive operations and terrorist plans.
This is very important to prevent insurgents to penetrate security cordons, attack targets and victimize people.
They aim from their influence and subversive operations and explosions particularly in capital city as provincial targets to make propagational advantage.
Attacking cities, they want to create fear and terror among people, show the government weak, and create mistrust against government among people or broaden the gap between citizens and government.
They want to promote their capacity in haggling in peace process and improve their capability to get concession.
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