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Another goodwill gesture for lasting peace

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In another goodwill gesture for peace, President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Mohammad Ashraf Ghani signed a decree late on Tuesday night to pardon and release Taliban prisoners, aimed at easing the intra-Afghan talks.
According to the decree, the prisoners would be required to make a written commitment not to return to the war upon their release from the jails. The decree also says that releasing of the 1,500 Taliban is indeed a goodwill gesture for the process which will be started on March 14 from Parwan prisons.
According to the decree, every day 100 Taliban prisoners will be released, consideration their age, health status, and the remaining time of sentenced imprisonment. But the decree puts condition that more of the group fighters would be released if a major reduction in violence is seen.
Afghan government has time and again reiterated its call for durable peace in the country, which the president has offered unconditional peace talks and even releasing of a number of Taliban prisoners, aiming to facilitate direct peace talks.
The Afghan government has initiated a number of regional and international meetings as well as worked hard for the national and international consensuses to achieve lasting peace in the country, where the credit for US-Taliban deal also goes to Afghan government’s tireless efforts. But the Taliban militants continued to attack major cities and seek support of the certain countries and intelligence services for their militancy and illegitimate demands.
As a democratic country, Afghansitan has an elected president and republic system which is being chosen by the rightful vote of the masses. The Afghan government is recognized globally and thus, it should represent Afghans in all negotiations which decide on future of Afghanistan. UN in its recent security council meeting reiterated that Taliban’s emirate was not recognized by the international community and that the group should do more for establishing durable peace.
Since the government has shown its commitment in practice for peace with releasing the thousands of Taliban fighters, the group is now also needed to show its true will for stability and development of Afghanistan and give up war against the Afghan nation. They should no longer target civilians and kidnap the passengers in the country’s major highways.
The international community, in particular the US that has already reached an agreement with Taliban should guarantee that the released fighters would not go back to the combat fields. Afghan peace talk is one of the national processes of the country and any deal on the peace talks, good or bad, has direct consequences on Afghan citizens.
Now the ball is in the Taliban court to whether accept another Afghan government’s peace call or rejecting it? They have the choice to join Afghans for a prosperous and stable Afghanistan and ease development of the war-torn country.
Since the group has repeatedly called upon the government to release its fighters, now they should do the same and further work for security of the country and do not allow other terrorists to find their way to the country and once again turn it to a war-zone.

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