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Another goodwill gesture for lasting peace

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Although Achieving peace has long been a dream of the Afghan people, the prospect of peace and security is not clear in Afghanistan, however Afghan government has been sparing no efforts to show its will for peace and that even recently, an official said that the president would not run for re-election if the upcoming Istanbul meeting decided on holding early election. After forty years of war and conflicts, and after more than one decade of formal and informal peace efforts, there is no promising evidence to show a clear perspective for peace in the country. So far, the outcome of the peace process has been only the
intensification of war and target killings. National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib at a press conference on Saturday said that the president will not be influenced by any type of political pressure unless an
agreement is made for bringing real peace to Afghanistan. “We assure our people that we will not bow to pressure,” Mohib said. “Our objective is to achieve peace. The government has got responsibility towards the people and that is to ensure restoring a true peace in Afghanistan.” In response to critics that the government was creating barriers in the way of peace, Mohib said: ”This government was elected by the people, the people have cast their ballots that will be okay, but the government does not have the right to bestow this right to the 40 people to decide about the future of Afghanistan.” Referring to President Ghani’s previous statement about the possibility of an early elections as a result of a peace agreement, Mohib said that Ghani will not run for president if there is an early election. “We have experienced such governments in the past. Agreement was made between some people, but it had not led to a positive result
for the Afghan people,” said Mohib. But given the inverse outcome of the peace process, the peace vision is seriously faced with doubts in the country. According to political experts, these doubts and questions rooted in different issues such as stubborn political position of Taliban, presence forgn terrorist groups in the country, the linkage of Taliban commanders with them, access of Taliban to more advanced weapons and more importantly increase of violeneice and target killings in parallel with peace process. Undoubtedly, the government and people of Afghanistan have shown their goodwill and utmost flexibility with releasing 5000 prisoners, the Taliban responded with more bloodshed and more atrocity in the country. The Taliban has also ignored the consensus of religious scholars from different Islamic countries including Indonesia,
Egypt, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and some other Islamic countries. Indeed, the real managers of war do not have intention to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan too. On one hand, they talk about the peace process; on the other hand, they intensify violence by providing more dangerous weapons to Taliban. In fact, they use the peace process as a tactic to topple the current system and order in the country. Considering the ups and downs in Afghan peace process, the withdrawal of the foreign forces should not be an immature and irresponsible way. Otherwise, Afghanistan will change to the center of international terrorism. President’s recent intention that would not run for any early elections has left no room for Taliban to deny any peace deal in the future. If the group once again ignore such a big sacrifice of the Afghan leader and the people for lasting peace in their country, then they should b suppressed and a join military actions till their full elimination should be conducted. As the Taliban and their prisoners have not acted upon their commitments, there is possibility that might also run away from a positive peace in the country. Therefore,  Afghanistan may once again change to the center of international terrorism and radical groups before the establishment of a fair and moderate system in the country.

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