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ANDSF’s fight against insurgents commendable


Assuming full responsibility for national security in 2014, the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have been displaying their commitments to the nation and the constitution through immense sacrifice, thereby earning unprecedented public support and trust.
With the establishment of democratic administration, peace has been the highest national priority and Afghan officials sought tirelessly to get warring factions to join peace process and stop violence and bloodshed. However, the Taliban persisted in their indiscriminate killings and spilling the blood of combatants and non-combatants alike. They turned the Afghan’s peace offering down. Through continuing the tug of war, the Taliban left no room for negotiation and no trust to resume it.
Addressing the council of ministers on Monday, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah blamed Taliban for intensification war and bloodshed in the country and called them the main barrier before durable peace in Afghanistan. Dr. Abdullah also praised ANDSF braveries and sacrifices in war on terror, saying the forces could repulse Taliban’s major offensives across the country and prevented the terrorists to gain ground.
Dr. Abdullah’s remarks came at the time that Afghan forces conducting military operations to suppress terrorists across the country and meanwhile helping local people affected by natural disasters, including the flash floods. The brave forces sparing no efforts to defend the national territory and territorial integrity.
The bravery of Afghan soldiers is beyond doubt despite undergoing casualties. They are resilient in the face of adversity, and they have made constant improvements in efficiently and effectively coordinating and building systems of leadership and management.
Indeed, freedom and democracy is not gained without sacrifices. If we consider the democratic societies, people sacrificed their lives and blood to ensure democracy and freedom for their nation. Similarly, Afghan people have been devoting their lives, so as to invest for gaining democracy and freedom.
But their sacrifices are not only limited to Afghanistan, but to free the region and even that of the world from presence of terrorist and extremist groups. Therefore, it is hoped that the precious lives and blood of our hero soldiers and people not to go in vain rather they ensure peace and stability for the nation, if not now, in the future.
Whenever negotiation is proved abortive, blood will be the only remedy to protect the rights and dignity of a nation. Our selfless and devoted soldiers, who sacrifice their lives for protecting their nation and country, are not dead. They are alive in national memory and are considered national heroes since they play heroic role.
There is public support for our heroes and each and every Afghans do have special respect to them. Therefore, in order to make sure peace and stability improve in Afghanistan; its forces must be trained and equipped sufficiently. It is hoped that Afghanistan’s strategic partners continue supporting the ANDSF. A strong Afghan forces can not only ensure better security in Afghanistan but would also ease counterterrorism efforts of the international community.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.