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ANDSF well-prepared for Taliban violent attacks

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Despite of ongoing peace efforts, Taliban has intensified violent attacks on some provinces of Afghanistan. On the other hand, officials of the country’s defense and security organs say ANDSF have been well-prepared to control Taliban’s attacks in the country.
Minister of interior Masoud Andarabi in a joint news briefing in the country’s National Security Council told journalists that Taliban has been defeated in battlefields; therefore, they have intensified their attacks in various provinces.
Stressing on military operations conducted by ANDSF, minister of interior said Afghan National Defense and Security Forces were well-prepared for both war and peace, adding that the country’s defense and security forces were ready to address any threats if posed by Taliban.
Meanwhile, commander of Helmand’s 215 ANA Maiwand Corpse Gen. Sami Sadat says he is making effort to bring further reforms in the corpse to prepare for fighting terrorists with getting the weather warmer.
“If peace talks do not result in reduction in violence in the country, Afghan defense and security forces are well-prepared to fight Taliban and al Qaeda fighters,” Gen. Sadat said, adding that Taliban cannot capture areas from ANDSF; instead the country’s defense and security forces will clear away all areas from presence of Taliban as they have lost their key individuals.
Five months back, Taliban launched largescale attacks on eight districts of Helmand and the provincial capital, but the country’s defense and security forces were able to recapture the fallen areas back and control their violent attacks on the provincial capital.
Gen. Sadat further said that Helmand was an important province from the perspective of military for the Taliban as well as the government.
“Al Qaeda has created lots of training centers for Taliban fighters in Helmand, where close cooperation between the Taliban group and al Qaeda network has increased in the past one year,” Gen. Sadat said.
Meanwhile, Taliban has conducted some violent attacks on Ghormach district of Faryab, where their attacks have been repelled with suffering heavy casualties. Local security officials in the province say the country’s northern provinces are usually attacked by the enemy, assuring that any violent attacks of the Taliban group will be controlled and foiled.
A number of Afghan military experts by praising the country’s national defense and security forces for their honestly fighting international terrorism say they witness increasing capabilities of the ANDSF but asking for further equipment the ANDSF to foil Taliban’s violent attacks in each corner of the country.
Previously, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani by pointing to increasing achievements of the country’s defense and security forces had said ANDSF had the absolute support of Afghanistan government, the Afghans and international community, assuring of making effort to provide further equipment and funding to ANDSF.
Currently, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) are in defensive position and there are increasing hopes for maintaining peace in the country as the government has put the peace issue in its top working priorities.

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