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ANDSF; real guardians of Afghanistan

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By: Suraya Raiszada

9th of Hoot (February 28th), the national support day of ANDSF, was nominated by the Afghan government. The goal behind celebration of this day is praising ANDSF devotions, the real guardians of the Afghan people.
In their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter, political analysts and civil activists addressed ANDSF as potential defenders of Afghanistan, saying that ANDSF have been fighting bloody wars against terrorism with least resources and equipment and defended Afghanistan which deserve enormous support and appreciation. Chairman of civil society complex, Aziz Rafiyee said: In my opinion, taking care of the heirs and families of martyred soldiers and those who are in trenches of the frontline and their supply is the best celebration of this day. It gives them motive and incentive to be further prepared to defend their homeland.
Pointing to appreciating efforts and devotions of ANDSF, Rafiyee said: our people admire their devotions, endeavors ad sacrifices so ANDSF should be organized according to their meritocracy and justice and have access to essential resources. No ethnic and linguistic discrimination should be allowed to influence ANDSF ranks.
Former Ministry of Interior deputy Gen Abdul Hadi Khaled (Ret) said: 9th of Hoot is a glorious day in Afghanistan history and belongs to Pan Afghan people and in such a day the motherland reminds her sons their patriotic obligation. ANDSF have been constituted of brave, courageous sons of this land who are defending homeland with national incentive and Afghani commitment and deserving to be supported by people and government. On the occasion of this day we should distinguish our problems and challenges and task ANDSF to deal with.
Khaled went on to say, current year was a difficult and challenging year for ANDSF in which they fought in worst conditions with minimum resources with enemies, resisted external aggression and responded terror attacks. “Beside above issues, taking care of martyrs families by relevant authorities is very important that further empower them,” he added. Talking on the occasion of 9th Hoot, president Ghani said dealing with ANDSF injured and disabled and taking care of their families was one of the basic goals of the government because they are actual and spiritual owners of Afghanistan. Millions of Afghans are living in peace due to their sacrifices and they are deserving to be appreciated and supported. Sharing photo of ANDSF soldiers in social media, our citizens appreciate and supported ANDSF braveries.
Taher Eliasi, a resident of Kabul said, ANDSF should be always supported and admired because they have made their chest as a shield against enemies’ bullets so the people could live in peace.
Another citizen from Herat, Kubra Khademi, wrote in her Facebook page, saying that she was proud of her country’s soldiers, adding that these heroes needed to be appreciated and government should extend necessary supports to their families. 

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