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ANDSF need international continued support & cooperation, NSA


By: Suraya Raiszada

As Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have been able to reach good successes in their operations and war on terror, Afghanistan National Security Advisor is stressing on strengthening of the country’s national security forces with the close and continued cooperation of the international community.
National Security Advisor Hamdullah Muhib in his recent remarks on role of ANDSF in connection with peace and war has said Afghan military forces are the real heroes of Afghanistan war and peace; therefore, they need continued support of the international community to further strengthen.
“Sacrifices of the Afghan security forces helped complete the election process successfully and paved the way for peace and stability in the country,” Muhib stressed, adding that 94 percent of military operations have been conducted by ANDSF in recent years to suppress armed insurgent groups in the country.
He further said that eight districts have been freed and cleared from presence of armed insurgent groups last year.
Pointing to reforms within the ANDSF, the country’s national security advisor said the reform in security sector has been constructive, adding that very effective plans were underway for further strengthening of the ANDSF in future.
He enumerated counter corruption, strengthening of Afghan air force and equipping ANDSF with modern military equipment as part of programs of Afghanistan government. According to national security advisor, the plan for strengthening the country’s ANDSF is supported by NATO and other allies of Afghanistan and will be implemented in coming years.
Meanwhile, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani by pointing to achievements of the country’s defense and security forces has assured the people that ANDSF have strong and continued supports of Afghanistan government, the nation and the government was making effort to closely work with the international community to fund and further equip ANDSF in coming years.
A number of Afghan military experts consider that continued support and funding of ANDSF by the international community is effective, asking the government to further work for strengthening the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.
“Undoubtedly foreign military troops within NATO’s RS mission in Afghanistan have worked a lot in various fields SUCH as security, development, economic cooperation and training of ANDSF,” said Yarmand, an Afghan former military official.
He said that the recruitment process and training of ANDSF should be standardized as current trainings received by Afghan defense and security forces were not effective for current combats, adding that Afghan forces should be trained based on today’s needs so that they could address threats being posed by terrorist groups in the country. Meanwhile, NATO member countries have praised ANDSF for honestly fighting against terrorist groups in the country, considering that military capabilities and effective role of ANDSF in maintaining security in the country were showing strong military and political leadership of the country. The NATO member countries have assured of their continued and long-term support to development of Afghanistan in particular ANDSF in future.

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