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ANDSF making serious efforts to ensure security countrywide


Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) are making serious efforts to ensure security in each part of the country as the forces have prevented from numerous terrorist attacks in the country.
Security has close relations with the life of the people. Killing, kidnapping, thefting-in and armed robbery and terrorizing various figures are all somehow violation of the country’s security. Security results in economic development, strengthening democracy, rule of law and maintaining social justice in the country.
ANDSF forces are fighting Taliban insurgents and other terrorist groups in the country to provide satisfactory security for the people of Afghanistan and defend the country. After 18 years of war in Afghanistan, dimensions of war have changed in recent months.
Commander of ANA Special Forces has pointed to the operations as ‘comprehensive change in strategy’ to target top leaders and commanders of insurgent groups at any parts of the country, saying that targeting Taliban commanders and those responsible for arms’ caches, drug or explosives labs was in top priorities of the ANDSF operations countrywide.
The operations that are launched with close cooperation and coordination of ANA, ANP and NDS personnel across the country aim to clear up remote districts and areas from presence of armed insurgent groups.
Although Ministry of Defense (MoD) accepts shortcomings in ANDSF forces, it stresses that the country’s armed forces are successfully defending the country as they are engaged in fighting in several provinces of the country.
It should be said that high morale and combat skills of Afghan defense and security forces have resulted in defeating of the insurgent groups in various parts of the country. The Afghan defense and security forces are trying their best to spoil all types of the enemies’ attacks as the insurgent groups have sustained heavy casualties in both air and ground operations conducted by Afghan forces in the past few weeks.
Afghan military experts believe if further military arms and equipment are provided to Afghan defense and security forces, they will reach to unprecedented achievements and can address all kinds of threats posed by the insurgent groups in the country. Military operations are conducted now with close coordination and cooperation of the Afghan air forces. Taliban and other insurgent groups are now treated as foreign enemy rather than a domestic insurgent group.
This is considered as one of key reasons of defeating the Taliban and other insurgent groups in the country.
In consideration to increasing of threats posed by the Taliban and shortcomings in equipment and management of Afghan security forces, most of military observers believe that two to three provinces would have fallen to the Taliban in the past two years if there has not been air support from NATO or US forces.
Our people are also responsible to take part in maintaining security and report any suspicious activities to the ANDSF forces as close cooperation of the people can be effective and give further morale to the Afghan security forces.
Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.