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‘ANDSF instructed not to use force against protestors’

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani met with a number of elders and influential figures of the country here at the Presidential Palace yesterday, a statement said.
Congratulating the president for winning the presidential election, the elders and influential figures of the country hoped his second term as the president could bring lasting peace to the country, the statement from the presidential press office added.
The speakers told the President that the nation has voted him in the elections based on his achievements, services to the nation and plans, stressing that at this critical juncture all must unite to secure lasting peace and stability in the country.
They emphasized that Afghanistan and the region needed peace and stability and that peace talks should be government-owned, as according to them government was accountable before the nation, the statement added.
Thanking the participants and speakers, the president congratulated them the republic victory, saying good governance was needed to address people’s problems. The President reiterated that after successful holding of elections, it was the responsibility of all to put aside personal issues and unite to save the country from war and help bring peace to the country, according to the statement.
President Ghani also said that has directed all the security and defense forces in the country not to use force against protestors, adding the security and defense forces were the national capital and should not be involved in small political differences.
The president went on saying that at current stage of history, it was needed to have a united, cohesive and national team to pull Afghanistan out of this 40-year crisis, adding that peace was for all Afghans, all nation and personalities must be included in the process, the presidential statement quoted.
President Ghani also said that the authority of the peace negotiating team were limited, noting that the address of the peace was the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. He also said there must be flexibility in the team members, which means that it would change and would be effective in terms of issues and needs.
The statement quoted the president saying that the main aim of the talks was to end the war and ensure lasting peace and stability. “The nation is ready for peace and in the ceasefire of last year, they showed their capacity in this regard. My message to the Taliban is that they must agree on peace and surrender to the will of the people in order to serve the homeland and the nation,” he concluded as saying.

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