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ANDSF fully ready to foil insurgents’ attacks


Officials of the ministry for defense say that the insurgent groups are striving to insecure more parts of the country, but the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have intensified their military operations against them.
However, efforts in national and international level are ongoing for peace talks, but the insurgent groups particularly the Taliban are making effort to insecure some other parts of the country, but the ANDSF are fully ready to foil their malicious designs.
Recently, the defense minister Tariq Shah Bahrami said if the insurgent groups don’t join peace process they would be suppressed.
At the same time, a number of lawmakers said the Afghan security forces were capable enough to fight the enemies, stressing that Afghanistan is facing with a sensitive situation in which the government should do its best to properly manage the peace and war.
An MP Hashimi said, “However, peace efforts are ongoing by the Afghan government and other countries, but the Taliban have recently enhanced their attacks in a number of provinces, thus, the security entities are expected to coordinate with each other and stand against them.”
Lauding the Afghan security forces efforts on ensuring security throughout the country, lawmakers are stressing that the media should also try to increase the ANDSF morale.
A lawmaker, Salih Mohammad Saljouqi says not only people supports, but also the media play key role on strengthening the ANDSF in the battlegrounds, because, the people get informed on everything via them.
He believes that the government should always appreciate the ANDSF capabilities and achievements, because, if they don’t get encouraged they would lose morale in the battlefields.
He called visiting martyrs’ families, soldiers in the battlegrounds, appointment of patriotic and eligible people in frontlines, bringing changes in local organs among the factors that can decrease violence and end war in the country.
A senator Gulalai said the Afghan security forces should have coordination with each other in the battlegrounds, because, it will help them to be successful in operations.
At the same time, Afghan citizens are saying that now we have a national unity system and they expect the security entities to be fully ready to ensure security all-over the country.
A Kabul university student Mursal Neda said, “The government of national unity should prioritize ensuring security and make effort to further equip the Afghan security forces so they act more successful in the battlefields.”
A government employee Rahmatullah said that I expected the international community particularly the US to seriously pay heed in equipping the Afghan security forces, because, they still lack military equipment in the battlegrounds.
This is while that Afghanistan enjoys strong security forces who can defend their country and people in trying circumstances.

Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.