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ANDSF assure of providing security to people

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Afghanistan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have assured the Afghan citizens of providing them security as they have started military operations in areas where insurgent groups are posing threats to people.
The country’s defense and security officials by stressing on maintaining security across the country say insurgent groups have planned to capture some districts to reach their goals, but fortunately the country’s defense and security forces have been able to foil their vicious plans.
According to Afghanistan Ministry of Defense (MoD), Afghan National Army (ANA) forces have continued their military operations against insurgent groups in various parts of the country to provide better security for the people and foil vicious goals of the groups for capturing districts and key areas.
Officials of the ministry of defense say the country’s defense and security forces are well-prepared to address all kinds of threats if posed by terrorist groups in the country, saying that terrorism is an international threat; therefore, it is good that the world should cooperate with ANDSF in rooting out the phenomenon from the region.
Meanwhile, Afghan experts by stressing on peace with those who would like to lay their weapons and stop violence in the country say those terrorists who are targeting public infrastructures, religious places and innocent civilians should be arrested and introduced to judicial organs.
“Afghanistan is a country that has suffered continued war and violence due to foreign interferences as proxy war has continued for the past few decades,” said Javed Kohistani, an Afghan military expert.
He added that the ongoing war has been imposed on Afghans, saying Afghans have not been the starter of the war but others; therefore, the government could not end it, but it was the responsibility of all to give hand and take action against this vicious proxy foreign interference.
Kohistani further said that the people of Afghanistan were strongly supporting the country’s defense and security forces as they have proved that they maintain security and address most of threats posed by international terrorist groups.
Aziz Rafiyee, chief executive of Afghanistan Civil Society Front while asking the government for a war strategy says undoubtedly the ongoing war has been imposed by foreign countries on Afghans, but what is important for the people of Afghanistan is to have a regular combat strategy against terrorist groups.
“A mechanism that can put the ongoing war an end is a continued and regular strategy for war and peace in the country,” Rafiyee said, adding that unfortunately the ongoing war is the war of world and regional countries and it is difficult to end this war without honestly cooperation of the world and regional countries.
Although the country’s political figures and experts considered acceleration of efforts and cooperation of the world and regional countries as effective, but unfortunately the opponent armed group is not ready to end their violence and war as their violent attacks and targeted-killings are still continuing across the country. This comes amid of efforts being made by world and regional countries for peace in the country.



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