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ANDS ready to defend themselves against Taliban attack, officials

فواد امان

By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: Defense and security officials of the country assured they will defend the country and themselves against the Taliban attacks in the year 1400 everywhere in the country.
Following an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times, spokespersons of the Ministry of Defense (MoD) and Ministry of Interior (MoI) spokesmen pointed to the importance of peace efforts assuring that the enemy would be defeated in 1400 as they were defeated last year.

احمد ضیا ضیا
“The enemy failed to overrun even a single district in 1399 and wouldn’t also be prevented in the upcoming year,” said Fawad Aman, the defense ministry’s deputy spokesman.
He said in 1400, wide measures have been made in the center and provinces of the country and that the changes brought in the army corps in 1399 were all for better preparations for defending the people in 1400.
Referring to the recent army operations in different provinces of the country, the spokesman said: “Fortunately, the Taliban militants have not been able to take control any province or district in their attacks, but the defense and security forces of the country, had been able to gain good success against the enemy.”
He said the defense forces don’t need to create security shells, but only at strategic points, while Taliban create such military posts everywhere, just to torture people.

The official stressed that Taliban have increased violence during the outgoing year, but the violence is expected to decrease as peace talks would continue by next year.
“The country’s defense and security forces assure that Taliban militants will never gain victory militarily,” said the spokesman adding if the Taliban group continues war and violence and war, they will be killed as they lost war in 1399 on the battlefields and in 1400 they will also be defeated harsher than the past,” the spokesman warned.
While the Taliban group is claiming to have control of 70 percent of the country’s geography, the deputy Defense Ministry spokesman said the government forces have now control of up to 98 percent of the country’s territory.
According to him, as many as 18,000 Taliban fighters have been killed, 10,000 wounded and more than 2,000 others arrested during this going year following clashes with the country’s defense and security forces.
According to him, the casualties of the Taliban in 1399 are four times of the casualties of the defense and security forces.
“Despite all these problems this year, the country’s army forces were able to defend the interests and dignity of the people of Afghanistan in war on terrorists and foil the enemies’ sinister goals,” said the spokesman.
The war has not stopped this year and that the defense and security forces were ready to defend the country in the spring of next year against the militants’ attacks, the official assured.
Meantime, Ahmad Zia Zia, deputy spokesman of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) called 1399 a challenging year for the people and the country’s security and defense forces and said the Ministry of Interior in coordination with other security institutions have listed their plans and programs in 1400.
Under the plan, the police would return to their main duty which is enforcing of the law, structural reforms and digitalization has been planned to prevent corruption, detect and investigate criminal offenses, seriously pursue criminal networks and irresponsible armed individuals, expedite biometric implementation etc, the spokesman added.
The deputy spokesman enumerated the ministry’s priorities in 1400 as saying strengthening security and public order, preventing and combating all kinds of destructive and insurgent activities, enforcing the law and combating crime and narcotics, developing professionalism in the Ministry of Interior, would be part of the plan implemented.
Also, providing quality services to the people improving the effectiveness of infrastructure, resources and services, improving people’s trust in the police through effective relationships, are those priorities, the ministry has taken in mind to be done.
“Despite the challenges in 1399, the country’s National Police (ANP) forces gained good achievements in the fight against crime and drugs, as well as in detection and neutralization of landmines planted by terrorists in residential areas, near schools and crowded neighborhoods,” said the spokesman.
In a series of anti-terrorist operations of the country’s security forces in different provinces of the country, especially in Helmand, Zabul, Uruzgan and Kandahar provinces, terrorists have suffered heavy casualties, the spokesman concluded.

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