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Ancient Afghanistan artifacts on show in Hong Kong History Museum

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Afghanistan’s Bactrian Treasures Exhibition was opened in Hong Kong Museum of History here on Tuesday with participation of the officials of the two countries.
Addressing the inauguration ceremony, deputy minister of culture, Prof. Mohammad Rasul Bawary pointed out to Afghan-China friendship and cultural ties, adding holding of such exhibitions would further bolster the bilateral cultural ties as well as would help introduce Afghanistan’s rich cultural heritage to the world.
Speaking at the ceremony, the Secretary for Home Affairs of Hong Kong, Lau Kong-wah, said that Hong Kong warmly welcomed the exhibition and praised the courageous curators of Afghanistan for protecting their national heritage and showing the world the beauty of these valuable treasures. The launching of the exhibition coincides with the Belt and Road Initiative, which fosters cultural exchanges and will bring more future co-operation between Hong Kong and Afghanistan, the official added.
The exhibition tatted “Glistening Treasures in the Dust – Ancient Artefacts of Afghanistan” inaugurated on November 5th and officially opened for public yesterday. Featuring 231 items/sets of rare artefacts unearthed in Afghanistan, the exhibition attests to the important role played by ancient Afghanistan, as the cultural intersection of the Silk Road, in promoting the exchange and integration of world civilizations.
The exhibition showcases precious relics of the National Museum of Afghanistan on loan to Hong Kong. These rare artefacts, including goldware, glassware, bronze sculptures and ivory carvings, were unearthed from four famous archaeological sites in Afghanistan, namely Tepe Fullol, Aï Khanum, Tillya Tepe (Hill of Gold) and Bagram, according to the officials at the national museum in Kabul.
The inauguration of exhibition at Hong Kong history museum was also attended by Mohammad Fahim Rahimi, director of the National Museum of Afghanistan and Mohammad Sabir Momand, spokesman of the Ministry of Information and Culture.
The exhibition is co-presented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and the National Museum of Afghanistan, and it will run until February 10, 2020.

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