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Amir-ul-Mumineen discusses key issues with ulama

Hibatullah Akhundzada

Mawlavi Hebatullah Akhundzada, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, in a meeting with a number of religious ulama of Kabul discussed women’s rights in the framework of the Islamic sharia and other key issues, particularly education.
In the meeting held on Monday in Kandahar, various issues particularly the women’s rights based on the Islamic sharia, reopening schools and madrasas’ and education curriculum and addressing problems facing the people of Kabul were discussed.
Returning to Kabul, a number of religious ulama have said that the supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate had given them orders on a number of crucial matters, including respecting women’s rights within the framework of sharia, renewing the curriculum of schools and madrassas ‘seminaries, and addressing the problems of Kabul residents.
Previously, Deputy Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Inamullah Samangani by pointing to the women’s rights had considered the UN’s claim saying that the IEA was not addressing the rights of women as negative propaganda.
According to the IEA deputy spokesperson, the Islamic Emirate is committed to the rights of all citizens of Afghanistan both men and women and their rights to work and get education have been organized within the Islamic sharia.
The issue of women’s rights and their physical presence in governmental and non-governmental institutions and social, economic and political activities is one of the preconditions for the recognition of the Islamic Emirate by the international community, the United Nations and other powerful countries in the world and region.
Efforts for improvement of women’s life conditions and providing facilities for their effective presence is a need and to achieve it comprehensive steps should be taken. Closing the doors of girls’ schools has been followed by widespread reactions.
The Islamic Emirate has promised to soon let girls’ schools reopen in the country.
This comes amid efforts that are underway for reopening of girls’ schools in the country. After the meeting of religious ulamas with the IEA Supreme Leader in Kandahar, Kabul governor who was also among the ulama has said that various key issues including problems of women and respecting women’s rights within the framework of sharia were discussed.
Besides, participants in the meeting said that the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate has asked them to convey his wishes to the people of Kabul, as well as his words to the people.
Hope the Islamic Emirate’s relevant organs speed up efforts for the reopening of girls’ schools in the country.

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