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Amani era’s six historic monuments renovated

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By: Karima Malikzada

Afghanistan is one of the richest and most valuable countries from the point of view of historic monuments in the world and region. All the historic monuments located in various parts of the country show this land’s history, civilization and culture past eras.
Also, the art of architecture in Afghanistan has long history. There are lots of castles, statues, temples, mosques, historic bridges, water passages and cities are mostly historic and should be protected and renovated to prevent from further destruction. Besides, the historic sites can attract the attention of many domestic and foreign tourists, helping develop tourism industry and create employment for people living near the country’s historic sites.
In an inclusive interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, head of department for renovation of the country’s historic monuments, Eng. Mohammad Aqa Nijrabi said there was previously a department by the name of department of archaeology and preservation of historic monuments working under the directorate of national museum, but due to need, this department was formed in 1979 for preservation and renovation of historic monuments working under the supervision of the ministry of information and culture

“Since that time, various operations have been followed in accordance to UNESCO’s procedures, laws and conventions and renovation styles,” said Eng. Nijrabi.
Pointing to renovation of the country’s historic monuments, Nijrabi said: “Since 2002, around 262 historic monuments have been renovated and repaired in capital and various provinces of the country. I have no idea how historic monuments need renovation as 1566 historic monuments have been registered so far and the process is underway, but due to increasing insecurities in some parts of the country, we have not been able to register, survey and review the exact number of the monuments. We can say that in general all historic monuments of the country need to be principally renovated due to the fact that war is still continuing in the country.”
He said that nearly 30 historic monuments have been already surveyed to be renovated, but due to lack of enough budgets, the monuments have been stopped to be renovated.
Pointing to renovation of the country’s historic monuments particularly from Amanullah Khan’s era, Eng. Nijrabi said the historic monuments such as Taq-e-Zafar in Paghman, Minar-e-Elm Wa Jahl, Hartel Bridge, Darul Aman Palace, Taj Bek Palace, Minar-e-Mashal of Kabul city and King Amanullah Khan Palace in Ghazni’s Muqur, adding that the first three have been renovated in past years, while renovation work on Darul Aman Palace and Taj Bek Palace was underway.
He further said that surveying work on Minar-e-Mashal of Paghman and King Amanullah Khan Palace in Ghazni’s Muqur has been completed and their renovation work would be soon started.
Nijrabi added that on the threshold of celebration of the 100th Independence Anniversary of the country, 100 historic monuments were to be described and introduced through brochures.
Related to cooperation of the national and international organizations in connection with renovation of historic monuments, head of the MoIC’s department for preservation and renovation of the country’s historic monuments said UNESCO, Aga Khan Cultural Foundation, US embassy to Kabul, Japan, Italy, Germany, Netherlands and some other organizations were cooperative with the MoIC in the field of renovation of the country’s historic monuments.

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