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Alternative plan for road construction in past 19 years

Men watching road work on Kabul Kandahar Highway in 2003
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By: By: Shukria Kohistani Afghanistan ministry of public works is making effort to create alternative plan program for construction of road in the country. The ministry has been able to construct 23,000 km road with close cooperation of the World Bank.
Ministry of public works has said that the ministry is working with relevant institutions on alternative national plan for road construction in the country.
Acting minister of public works in a meeting with officials of road construction projects and deputy minister of finance has said in the past 19 years more than 23,000 km road including highways, ring-roads and roads connecting provincial capitals with districts, but unfortunately no attention has been paid to protection and maintenance of the roads in recent years.

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According to acting minister of public works, as the deadline of the World Bank’s ARAP and national program of rural road construction are to end, the ministry of public works is working to achieve three goals such as protection and maintenance of roads, creating employment opportunities and reduction of poverty by creating the alternative program.
“By creation of the alternative program all those roads which have been constructed in recent years are protected and maintained; on the other hand, the capacity existed in this program will be protected,” Shams stressed, adding that nearly 19,282 km roads need protection and maintenance and if not protected and maintained, 4,590 km roads will get destructed during the next three years and we will need $293 million budget for reconstruction of respective roads.
Pointing to Doshi – Bamyan road, acting minister of public works said the project was an alternative for Salang highway having 152 km and considered as the most significant and national projects, adding that four parts of the project had been previously contracted and work on the project was now underway. He asked the ministry of finance for cooperation in completion of the rest of the project.
In the meeting, it has been decided that technical teams of the rural road construction program of the ministry of public works have held meeting with the ministry of finance to discuss the alternative program of ARAP and share its results with the World Bank.
It is worth mentioning that the alternative program of ARAP will be also created with financial assistance of the World Bank.

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