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All peace plans should go through Afghan government

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After collapse of the Taliban regime in 2001 in Afghanistan, the country started its journey towards a republican system of government. Bonn Agreement was the first step; however, the milestone was the ratification of a new constitution by a Loya Jirga in 2004. As per the constitution, the country was announced to be an Islamic republic and Afghanistan witnessed an elected president through popular vote.
Since then, Afghanistan continued to see many achievements and democratic gains in different sectors, including in women’s and girls’ rights, freedom of expression, the country’s representation in national and international arenas. But terrorism and extremism remained the biggest hurdle to the country’s development.
On Tuesday. the Afghan government celebrated its first anniversary under President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani. The president, after taking oath for a second term, pledged to work for security, promote a regional and international consensus on peace, alleviate poverty and complete the cabinet.
The holding of a Consultative Loya Jirga on Peace, the establishment of the High Council of National Reconciliation, the designation of a peace negotiating team and implementation of dozens of other projects, including the Kamal Khan dam were made possible in the last one year. Meanwhile the Afghan government spared no efforts to keep supports for Afghanistan at Geneva conference as well as raised his voice ins support of the people’s rights and republican system in the country.
The Afghan government believes that would complete its commitments in the remaining four years, however the goals are challenged by the recent US approach to Afghan peace process and Taliban’s increasing violence.
In recent days, Afghans in different provinces are being targeted and enemies sparing no efforts to bring about gap between the state and people. Despite of unprecedented violence and terror acts conducted by Taliban against Afghans, the government in close cooperation and coordination of people could do much for development of the country.
There is no doubt that the government led by President Ghani has brought about national and international consensus for peace in the country. There are a number of regional countries that supporting the Afghan government’s stance regarding lasting peace in the country.
The Afghan government with republican system has let the people to play key roles in formation of government organization and participation.  For example, election is a mechanism that let the people participate in a political society.
In fact, the legitimacy in republic political system comes from public vote and satisfaction. Although the legitimacy commences with public vote, it continues with public satisfactions.  Based on this, the republican leaders, as the incumbent president, are the legitimate ones since they are representing the people’s will.
Therefore, all decisions about the future of Afghanistan should be followed through the Afghan government. neglecting the role of the government means ignoring the Afghan masses will and demands as well as undermining the achievements made so far in different sectors.

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