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All necessary preparations underway for 3rd wave of COVID-19, MoPH

In this Wednesday, May 20, 2020 photo, Afghan lab technicians pose for a photo at the Afghan-Japan Communicable Disease Hospital, Kabul’s main facility for coronavirus testing and treatment, in Kabul, Afghanistan. After 20 years and billions of dollars in international money, much of it from the U.S., the Afghan capital hardly has a hospital that works, with coronavirus tests lost, misread and misunderstood. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

By: Shukria Kohistani

Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health says all necessary preparations are underway for the 3rd wave of COVID-19 in the country. Following considerable increase in positive cases of coronavirus in the country, the ministry of public health says the situation is under control as all necessary preparations have taken to control the 3rd wave of the pandemic.
In a statement released by the ministry of public health said despite that positive cases of COVID-19 were increasing in Afghanistan, the situation was under control as the ministry has taken all necessary preparations to control the 3rd wave of the virus.
Meanwhile, acting minister of public health by stressing on prevention of the 3rd wave of coronavirus in the country has instructed all health facilities to adopt all necessary measures to control the wave in the country.
He asked all health facilities within the country’s ministry of public health take necessary steps in connection with creating a monitoring team to review the situation, creating clinical teams to address COVID-19 patients in homes and strengthening awareness programs and equipment of health centers.
Meanwhile, rumors have spread among the people that Kabul will once again go for lockdown due to increasing of the positive cases of COVID-19 in the country. A number of Kabul residents in their interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent said the 3rd wave of COVID-19 has raised concern among the people.
“Last year was really a difficult and challenging year for the people of Afghanistan. I hope the 3rd wave of COVID-19 won’t be as serious as it was last year as the people are so poor and cannot make a living this year,” said Samiullah, a university student.
Shakir, another resident and a shopkeeper in Kabul, says the people have suffered badly due to the first and second waves of the pandemic last year and in case the city goes for lockdown again, the economic situation of people will get worse comparing to last year.
He asked the government to take serious measures to control the 3rd wave of coronavirus in the country, asking the people to follow all necessary instructions from the ministry of public health.
Meanwhile, The Ministry of Public Health has also concerned with the spread of a new Covid-19 wave in neighboring countries, warns that if Afghans neglect Covid-19 preventive measures while traveling to Iran, Pakistan, and India, the new wave may spread in Afghanistan as well.
This comes amid of increasing positive cases of COVID-19 across the country. Meanwhile, the ministry of public health yesterday reported 172 new positive cases of COVID-19 out of 2,189 samples tested in the last 24 hours. The ministry also reported ten deaths and 97 recoveries from COVID-19 in the same period.    The ministry reported that the cumulative total of known COVID-19 cases is 59,015, the total number of reported deaths is 2,592, and the total number of recoveries is 52,489. So far, 395,395 samples have been tested in government centers and there are 3,934 known active COVID-19 cases in the country, data by the ministry indicates.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.