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“All Afghan women included now in key national debates,” President Ghani

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KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a ceremony held yesterday on the occasion of marking the International Women Day titled ‘Balance for better living’ at Chahar Chenar Palace considered presence of women in high levels of the country as unprecedented, saying women rights’ debate is carried out now in the framework of Islamic and national values in the country.

In the ceremony attended also by the country’s First Lady and Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, President Ghani said: “Today all Afghan women are included in key national debates and national unity government is honored for providing facilitation to active presence of women.”
The country’s President said that a girl child could be lawmaker, senator and magistrate in future and take part in principal sections of the country, adding that a women who was working was powerful and a women, having income, could defend her Islamic rights.
The president said that poverty remained as the fundamental problem for women and that most of the victims of violence against women took poverty, stressing that serious attention should be paid to the issue of poverty in coming year.
Referring to the issue of women’s rights in the wake of peace talks with the Taliban, President Ghani said that the government has dealt with the issue according to Islamic principles.
“Whenever Afghans discussed national issues with unity, they were resolved and now it is time to get united on peace in the country,” President Ghani added.
In the ceremony, Chief Executive also spoke and said that national unity government was committed to implementation of desires of Afghan people and demands of women in the framework of the country’s laws. He appreciated international funding institutions to promote women’s rights in Afghanistan, but he said that some projects had little impact on the situation of women in the country.
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