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Air pollution one of main causes of mortalities in world

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By: Lailuma Noori

6 – 12 June has been nominated as Environment Week in Afghanistan. In 1972, the United Nations by approving an article declared 5th June as World Environment Day. The aim of the declaration of the day is to increase public awareness for environment protection and convincing relevant environment-related organs to adopt measures for further protection of the environment.
This day is about preventing, halting, and reversing environmental damages to the Earth’s ecosystems. To mark this day we wanted to highlight the resilient and resourceful farmers we are honored to work alongside, who are helping to heal their local ecosystems.
Increasing air pollution, destruction of environment and appearing continuous ecosystem crisis have caused that governments seriously start efforts towards addressing the problems. World determination for the environment protection was put into effect in 1972 in Sweden by formation the first UN World Conference on Human and Environment known as Stockholm Convention.
The ecosystem problems are somehow existed as a widespread phenomenon in all countries of the world, meaning that all countries are facing with threats of the phenomenon. But, the threats’ level and problems are different from country to country.
Air pollution is now considered as a common problem of the world; therefore, it requires common effort of all countries to address the threats.
Climate change, increasing poisonous particles in air and developing various diseases are considered as main problems overshadowing people’s future life as thousands of human beings lose their life due to air pollution and lack of clean air to breathe.
According to medical experts and researchers, academic researches have shown that 20 percent of cancers is caused by poisonous particles existed in air. Besides of increasing air pollution, the existence of harmful and poisonous gases in air cause respiratory, cardiovascular diseases, stoke and early mortalities and others.
Air pollution in our country particularly Kabul, the capital is increasing by passing each single day. Afghan environment protection experts say increasing air pollution and existence of trashes in Kabul city have changed the environment a big challenge and crisis. With continued drought, influx of Afghan refugees from neighboring countries to Afghanistan, internally displaced people, moving of people from countryside, low quality products and other factors have changed the Kabul air to a new crisis.
Consequently, all the people and government have common responsibility to work for the improvement and protection of environment. There is a policy for greening of the country and it is time that the government should make further effort towards improvement and protection of environment.
On the other hand, the people should pay further attention to their health and culture of their urban life.





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