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AIHRC concerns over increasing civilian casualties


Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) has expressed concern over increasing of civilian casualties in the country. The concern was made after four civilians were killed in an airstrike in Kandahar province on Thursday night.
Residents of Maroof district where the airstrike was carried out said the attack claimed three lives of four members of a single family while wounding 30 others.
According to the residents, the airstrike had targeted a wedding convoy which killed four including a child. They said more than two dozens of people including children were wounded in the attack.
Kandahar governor’s office confirmed the casualties but said eight Taliban fighters including three Pakistani nationals were also killed in the airstrike. 
According to the office, the airstrike happened when police force members came under Taliban attack and called for air support. 
Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) by expressing concern over increasing of civilian casualties in the country says warring sides should respect human rights and safety of civilians and should avoid targeting innocent civilians.
“Unfortunately we have seen that gatherings of civilians are systematically targeted in the country, which is concerning. Our statistics are showing that nearly 30 percent civilian casualties has increased comparing to last year,” a spokesperson to AIHRC Belal Sediqi said.
Sediqi asked the warring sides to seriously observe international human rights laws, asking also the government to hand those causing civilian casualties over judicial organs.
In July, a report by the UN shows that the number of civilians killed in Afghanistan reached a record high in the first half of the year.
The report stated for the period 1 January to 30 June 2018, findings include the killing of more civilians in the first six months of this year – 1,692 deaths – than at any comparable time over the last ten years since records have been kept.
A number of Kabul residents in interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent by condemning the killing of Afghan innocent civilians in the country asked both Afghan and NATO forces to stop their military operations in areas where innocent civilians were living.
“Unfortunately we hear and see everyday that our innocent countrymen are martyred and wounded in military and air operations and this is a bitter reality that our people are the victim of the ongoing imposed war in the country,” a university student Rohullah said.
He added that National Unity Government (NUG) in particular the country’s defense and security organs should adopt particular measures to prevent from civilian casualties during their military and air operations.
Meanwhile, Afghan political and military experts by expressing concern over increasing of civilian casualties asked NATO and Afghan forces to change their combat tactics in the country to prevent from increasing civilian casualties and do more for the protection of the life of innocent civilians.
On the other hand, ministry of defense has said that investigation was underway regarding incident in Kandahar’s Maroof district where a number of civilians were killed and wounded.
The ministry also assured of punishment to those who have neglected in protection of the life of people during military operations.
Shukria Kohistani

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