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AIHRC asking for considerable presence of women in peace negotiating team

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By: Suraya Raiszada

With signing the peace agreement between US and Taliban, it is determined that intra-Afghan dialogue is going to be started as Afghanistan government has taken all necessary preparations. Afghanistan government officials have informed of finalizing the composition of peace negotiating team, but names of those in the team have not been disclosed so far. Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) while considering finalization of the peace negotiating team by the government as a positive step towards facilitation of the intra-Afghan dialogue, stressing that presence of women in composition of the team should be considerable.
“Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission expects that women as half of the population have key role in the peace delegates for the intra-Afghan dialogue,” said a statement released by AIHRC.
The commission in the statement also asked for further clarification of the two sides of the intra-Afghan dialogue in connection with mechanism for facilitation of presence and participation of various segments of the country in particular victims of the continued war and violence.
The statement added that modality of facilities should be paved for human rights organizations to monitor the peace talks process. Meanwhile, all sides to the talks have been asked to be committed to protection of human rights and addressing demands of the war victims in the peace process.
Meanwhile, women support organizations say in order to demands and achievements of Afghan women are protected and saved, representatives of women should take considerable part in the peace team to raise their demands in the peace process.
According to Afghanistan government, peace process is a national process; therefore, visions of all the people in particular women are very important in the process and the people should be assured that their visions and suggestions are addressed as their visions and suggestions can help maintain lasting peace in the country.
Meanwhile, women rights and civil society activists say it is a clear truth that no processes can succeed without presence of women.
“We are all concerned over future of the peace talks and asking the government, international community and all sides to the conflict to protect all achievements of Afghanistan women in the intra-Afghan dialogues,” said Humaira Saqib, an Afghan women rights and civil society activist.
As efforts towards starting the intra-Afghan dialogue have increased, Afghanistan government and a number of world and regional countries are trying to share any peace developments with Afghan women.
According to leading body of Afghanistan government, the government is making effort to follow any peace developments with close consultation of various classes Afghanistan people and so far role of civil society and women has not been ignored. It is worth mentioning that civil society and women rights activists are stressing on the protection of women rights and achievements in all processes of peace in particular the intra-Afghan dialogue with the Taliban group.

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