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Agreement with Pakistan key to reach peace with Taliban: NSA Mohib


By: Raiszada

KABUL: In a joint news conference with senior security officials here yesterday, National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib said to achieve peace with Taliban it was important to have an agreement with Pakistan.
Hinting to regional countries approach towards peace in the country, NSA Mohib said that Afghan government has taken all necessary steps to establish peace and waiting for the Taliban to prove that they want peace too. “Pakistan’s role is important and to reach peace with Taliban it is important to have an agreement with Pakistan to solve the issues.”
Regarding the recent US envoy draft proposal for the peace process, NSA Mohib said: “Khalilzad’s new plan is not a plan of the US government, but a plan to accelerate the peace process, and it is more structured and focused on the division of power in order to solve security problems.”
He added: “The Afghan government is always ready for peace talks, but not all the problems are on the structures, but the differences are on the values and the way of governing, because Taliban support emirate and the Afghan government want republican system.”
“We are fully prepared to end the war and speed up the peace process. At present, our team is in Doha for talks. If the violence continues, Afghan forces are fully prepared to contain their attacks,” NSA Mohib added.
Meanwhile emphasizing the Afghan government’s peace efforts, Interior Minister Massoud Andarabi said: “The Taliban have carried out many attacks this year, but none of their operations have succeeded. In Helmand province alone, Taliban received more than 600 casualties. The group now targeting journalists and members of civil society, but security forces are fully prepared to face any threats.”
Minister Andarabi went on saying that Police and Intelligence personnel could reduce violence in the capital city by 66 percent, adding that they have also arrested a number of individuals and would continue such operations.
“Unfortunately, the Taliban have not been able to take any province or district in their attacks, but the security forces have had good successes in war against enemies,” said Shah Mahmoud Miakhail, deputy defense minister, referring to recent military operations in various provinces.
The Afghan Defense Ministry official added: “Afghan soldiers are ready to defend their people and their country in any situation and are in an active state of defense in areas where there are enemy threats.”
“Taliban violence has increased this year, but it is hoped to be reduced in next year with progress in peace process,” he said. It has been more than a month since the start of the second round of peace talks between government representatives and the Taliban, but the two sides have yet to reach on contested issues.

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