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Agreement on transformation project around Kabul River signed

موافقت‌نامۀ پروژه تحول اطراف دریای کابل به امضا رسید
At the presence of President Ghani agreement to change the landscape around Kabul River signed

KABUL: An agreement to change the landscape around Kabul River was signed at the Presidential Palace the other day, Bakhtar News Agency (BNA) reported.
The agreement signed among acting ministers of finance and urban development and housing, Germany Embassy and head of Agha Khan cultural foundation Ajmal Maiwandi would cost over €18 million and aims to improve and revitalize the Kabul city’s social and economic infrastructures, the agency added. The project would include modernization and reconstruction of the industrial complex, improving social, economic and environmental conditions in Deh Afghanan, Andarabi, Joyshir and Kabul’s first and second PDs, protection of cultural heritages in incorporating local development councils, rehabilitating public and green areas as well as creating economic sights by providing professional trainings in handicrafts in Jangalak educational and training center.The project would execute in Aug 2018 and continue by Dec. 2020.

The Kabul Times

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