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Agreeing on emirate system not peace; but intensifying war, VP Danesh

۲۹جدی رونمایی استراتیژی محافظت از مدافعین حقوق بشر ع بصیر 9

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Second Vice-President, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh blamed any possible compromise on the emirate system and said such an agreement will not bring peace but rather intensify war in the country, a statement from his office said Sunday.
Addressing a meeting held on ‘Unveiling Human Rights Advocates’ Protection Strategy’ by the Amnesty International (AI) at the Kabul Serena Hotel, the other day, VP Danesh said: “Plan to reduce violence and suchlike is an ambiguous plan and a kind of fleeing peace and deceiving the people and the international community.”
The vice-president added that agreeing on emirate system or any other systems like this, from which the sound of dictatorship and despotism is being heard and violates the republican principle and individual human rights will not only bring peace, but rather intensifies war and violence by another name in Afghanistan.
According to him, with such justification by the Taliban and their supporters, the US side maybe ready to sign the peace accord, but for the people of Afghanistan, who are the main side the case, would never solve any problem. However, he welcomed the peace talks going on between the US special envoy and Taliban representatives and said: “We as the government and the people of Afghanistan support restoration of peace and ensuring lasting security and ending devastating war in the country.”
He, but, emphasized on an Afghan-centric peace negotiations and said no trust and no hope would remain between the two sides, unless a direct intra-Afghan dialogue and the start of a broad ceasefire are agreed on.
Danesh went on as saying that so far, in the peace process, both the government and people of Afghanistan, including civil society activists, political parties and ethnic groups are excluded and drawn aside and that under such circumstance, peace implementation was impossible.
“Election, freedom of media and respecting women and minorities are parts of the primary principles of the individuals’ rights which shouldn’t be ignored,” quoting the vice-president, the statement concluded.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.