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AGO, Breshna Sherkat to form joint committee to address Breshna loans


Attorney General Office (AGO) and Breshna Sherkat will form a joint committee aim to prosecute power borrowers, robbers and violators.
Besides prosecuting borrowers and violators, Breshna Sherkat warns that since 1st Jawza, it will reveal the names of those high-ranking government officials, lawmakers and a number of cabinet members who owe millions of Afghanis from the Sherkat.
While signing an agreement with AGO, Amanullah Ghalib, head of the Sherkat said that based on the agreement, a joint committee would be established to prosecute the cases of these individuals.
“The committee is working not only in the center, but in all provinces to review the cases of the debtors and violators for legal steps. Besides, since 1st Jawza, we will publish a list of a number of power borrowers, among whom there will be a number of commanders, Jihadi figures, cabinet members, lawyers and government official bodies,” he added.
He added due to security threats, we cannot go to 27 districts as a result of which we lose almost 3 mln afg each year and the amount pours to armed insurgents’ pockets.
Earlier, Breshna Sherkat disclosed the names of a number of borrowers who were owed millions of afg to the Sherkat.
AGO says that they have received the list of power borrowers and soon legal steps will be taken in the respect.
Deputy to Attorney General, Nour Habib Jalal said that once again, I assure Breshna Sherkat, that whoever commits a crime and steals electricity, or damages the Sherkat’s facilities will be legally treated.
A number of experts say that however, Breshna Sherkat has already sent the list of tens of violators to AGO, but no step has so far been taken in this regard.
They say that if money remains with the borrowers, Breshna Sherkat will not be able to provide power for those deserve, besides, it will cause the power money not to be paid on time to power exporting countries and power imports rate will decrease.
Kabul residents say that we laud the step taken by Breshna Sherkat and AGO and support it if gets practiced.
A Kabul citizen Ali Ahmad told The Kabul Times that AGO should prosecute the case and implement law on power borrowers as soon as possible.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.