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Afghans will a must for lasting peace

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Since the start of peace negotiations with Taliban insurgents, people of Afghanistan are uncomfortable with the modus operandi and methodology this whole process is handled. Afghans feel that Taliban insurgents are given more space to accommodate their demands – including their refusal to talk to Afghanistan government – and their demand for US and NATO forces to leave Afghanistan.
Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has come into being as a result of elections, which despite its shortcomings and difficulties, is representing the will and wishes of the people of Afghanistan. Afghan masses accepted many hurdles and challenges, even their fingers were chopped off, but defied all enemies’ plots and went to the ballot centers to vote and elect their president within the republican system.
Ignoring Islamic Republic of Afghanistan’s role in the peace talks is not in the interest of any party, and the negotiated peace settlement should be developed through consensus, that not to be imposed on the government and people of Afghanistan. Unilateral decision by the US to sign deal with Taliban has left negative impacts on Afghanistan security and their withdrawal would also affect the ongoing situation which would definitely provide the ground for international terrorism.
Recently, Afghan politicians reacted to the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s letter to Afghan leaders stressing the urgency for peace efforts. The politicians said that the recent calls between the US secretary of state, the US national security adviser and Afghan NSA Hamdullah Mohib could not change the Afghan government’s stance on peace.
The First Vice President Amrullah Saleh had a direct and harsh reaction to the letter, saying that it will not change the Afghan government’s position on the peace process. He also said that won’t bow to a deal that endangers people’s rights and achievement.
It is true that Afghan government will continue to require international assistance for many years, so in order to sustain its operability and continue the process of building its own stream to generate income and self-sustain through developing infrastructures, transit routes and increasing export and imports, therefore any peace plans should be agreed by the Afghan people and government. The country is already on track to progress and moving with fast paces towards achieving the goal of becoming stable, economically sound and militarily strong country in the region. Any peace deal without support of the Afghan masses, would not bear any positive result.
Looking at Afghanistan through the lenses of Taliban and their regional supporters, that kept Afghanistan as a subjugate nation without freedom to decide on her foreign policies and national interests would put the country into further chaos. Afghans have given many sacrifices in protection of their rights and republican system and would never agree to accept foreign agendas and imposed systems.
Will of the Afghan people and inclusion of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is of paramount importance in a lasting peace in the country. Turning blind eye and deaf ears to this fact can have dangerous repercussions, which can ignite active regional power play by turning Afghanistan yet another theatre, which can create many ungoverned spaces for international terrorist organizations in the country, which can definitely pose threat to world security and the country will go back to square one.

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