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Afghans welcome any move leading to peace

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The US has frequently been rejecting direct talks with the Taliban, in a move to let Afghans to determine their own destiny, but in a reversal of its longstanding policy, American diplomats held a face-to-face talk with the group’s representatives.
The meeting was reportedly held in Qatar, almost a week ago, to facilitate direct talks of the Afghan government with Taliban.
Report about the two sides meeting went viral in the world media, as they were surprised how the Taliban who were blaming foreign forces to be behind any instability and insecurity in Afghanistan, have now become ready to meet with.
However, the US state department has not still confirmed whether the talks took place, but it did not deny American diplomats had taken part in such a talk that can be assessed as an important shift in the US strategy toward the rebels.
During the past three days of Eid, after the government announced a unilateral truce, which was practiced by the Taliban, only during the religious ceremony, the people of Afghanistan become optimistic about the most likely peace negotiations to be started between the government and the Taliban.
This was believed that the Taliban were fed up with such a longstanding meaningless war and killing innocent people and have now realized they have no option except accepting joining peace table with the government and taking part in the country’s reconstruction process.
The US has time and again announced that any negotiations over the Afghanistan political future would take place between the Afghan government and the Taliban and that the country’s president, Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said the government was fully prepared even with no pre-conditions to sit around a negotiation table with the Taliban – a move would help conflict end and peace and stability restored.
According to The New York Times, the Taliban, by two of their representatives have confirmed the talks and that the meeting ‘took place in Doha, where the Taliban have long maintained a political office (not recognized by the government of Afghanistan) for the purpose of restarting peace process.’
“The talks involved several members of the Taliban political commission and Alice Wells, the State Department’s senior South Asia diplomat, as well as other unidentified American diplomats, according to the two Taliban officials,” the American based newspaper said referring to its website, recently.
Although, according to the country’s presidential office, the US peace meeting with the Taliban can only play a supportive role that would pave the way for direct negotiation with the government, but the Taliban flexibility for peace can be called a promising measure adopted by the hardliner for a bright future of peace and stability in the country.
We support peace talks with any of the government armed oppositions, but they should realize that Afghanistan only belongs to the Afghans and only the Afghans can take decision over their country and the destiny of their nations.
Any peace efforts, with the intermediation of any friendly countries is warmly welcomed by the government and people of Afghanistan.
On the other hand, the Taliban should also realize that they can only reach a result for their peace negotiation through an Afghan diplomatic channel and to put an end to bloodshed and destruction, they have to seek negotiations, after observing human rights, particularly women rights and the rights of the entire Afghans (including boys and girls) for education.

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