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Afghans want permanent ceasefire

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Amid surge in Taliban violence across the country, the group surprised Afghans and the world with their three-day ceasefire during the Eid al-Fitr days. Meanwhile President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in a statement on Monday also instructed all Afghan forces to observe the ceasefire during three days of Eid, but he reiterated that the Taliban’s violence has no legitimacy as international troops are leaving the country.
But President Ghani said the Afghan government and the Afghan people’s demand is a permanent and real ceasefire. “Our message to the Taliban is that their latest attacks during Ramadan in Logar, Helmand, Ghazni, Herat, Baghlan, the Kabul school attack, and today’s (Monday) deadly incident in Zabul show that any attempt to impose violence and make efforts to create horror among the people to achieving political and intelligence goals only leads to more hatred (towards them) among the people,” the president said.
Afghans are tired of war and bloodshed in their country, thus, looking forward to the permanent ceasefire. Short-term ceasefire won’t cure the wounds of Afghans masses, as the group would again continue bloodshed and violence across the country after Eid days.
As per the president’s remarks, Taliban’s war has no legitimacy, since foreign forces are withdrawing and Afghans, themselves, are responsible for security and stability of their own country. Meanwhile making peace with foreigners and killing Afghan fellows is strange, and shows that Taliban not seeking peace, but absolute power in the country, so that to pave the way for other terrorist outfits to operate and threaten the security of the whole region.
Indeed, the Islamic Emirate will not success to be established again in Afghanistan through military means, because Taliban has a dangerous psychology sickness.  The problem with Taliban is that they are a purely extremist movement rather a democratic, independent political party.  Nonetheless, there is evidence that they did not exclusively recruit the youth.
In their efforts to recruit fighters, the Taliban initially had to rely on their base in Pakistan, the Afghan refugee communities and the madrassas. They cooperated with Pakistani militant groups and with some Pakistani authorities.
The war in Afghanistan cannot be win without convincing non-ideologically committed insurgents to lay down their arms, reject al Qaeda, and accept the Afghan constitution. Without relying on peaceful manner, the group cannot gain ground against the brave and committed Afghan forces.
Unfortunately, after rounds of discussion the Taliban left the table of negotiation intentionally, and Afghans became upset about peace and it happened because the Taliban’s masters misguided them profoundly. Meanwhile they have always relied on consultations and orders from their masters outside of the country.
Although thousands killed and wounded in recent years due to Taliban’s militancy, Afghan still asking the group to accept their calls for permanent ceasefire. Ceasefire in Eid days have always paved the way for insurgents and even Afghan forces to meet their relatives freely without any fear in each and every corner of the country.
Therefore, such an environment should be provided permanently for the war-suffered Afghan nation. Continued war and bloodshed would bring nothing, expect devastation and backwardness, however lasting ceasefire and peaceful atmosphere in the country would ease development and progress of Afghanistan.

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