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Afghans want ceasefire, ending of bloodshed from peace talks

Afghan delegation Doha

A delegation composed of 50 members from the Afghan political elites, civil society members, youths and journalists on Saturday left Kabul for Doha to attend an intra-Afghan dialogue which according to political analysts is a platform for discussions on the ongoing efforts for peace and reconciliation in war-ravaged Afghanistan.
The delegates who attended the two rounds of talks with the Taliban in Moscow this year are not among the intra-Afghan dialogue members in Doha. 
On July 2nd, Germany’s Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Markus Potzel, said in a statement that as part of their efforts to support the peace process in Afghanistan, Germany and Qatar will convene an Intra-Afghan Dialogue to be held in Doha on 7 and 8 July 2019. 
The Afghans want ending of blood shedding in their country as quick as possible, for this reason they expect immediate announcement of ceasefire. The Afghan people expect every peace talks and meetings to lead to ceasefire prior to everything and ask both sides to agree on a ceasefire before other issues and put an end to killing and blood shedding, because they have been fed-up with this situation and no longer tolerate it.
The Afghans only believe and trust to those peace talks and meetings in this or that country or management of this or that host country that these talks result to stoppage of blood shedding and ceasefire and these talks result to end wars and violence in the country and cause that no Afghan be killed, no family be sans supporter, no child be orphaned and no parent be mournful for their dears.
The Afghans are expecting the results and conclusion of Qatar peace talks be stoppage of blood shedding and ending of war and violence otherwise the Afghan citizens can’t be hopeful to such meetings or trust to their directors or condescend to their decisions and results.
If peace talks don’t lead to ceasefire and end of blood shedding and fail to end violence and conflicts, current crisis would not be concluded in our land and most likely the ongoing crisis and blood shedding would continue in other form and would cause the Afghan citizens not to trust to negotiations and hosts and those who have even accepted expenditures.
Therefore, it is expected that the involved countries in the talks, the countries who have influence on Taliban and acting as lobbyers for role of this group in the upcoming structure of Afghan government, to exert pressure on them to agree on a ceasefire and concluding of blood shedding.

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