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Afghans’ vote can change their destiny

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Amid insurgent’s increasing destructive activities, threats and recent rise in civilian casualties inside the country, Afghans to cast their votes on Saturday to select their new members of the lower house of Parliament, the process which will have far reaching implications for the country’s future and play a key role in advancing the peace process.
The main feature of democratic system is holding transparent elections; hundreds of developed countries achieved their economic prosperity and political stability through transparent, democratic elections. On the other hand, in emerging democracies and post-conflict societies, it has a great potential risk to plunge a country back into violent conflict, to undermine processes of stabilization and to discredit democratization.
Many Afghans, especially young generation believe that reaching peace and prosperity is impossible without institutionalizing a decentralized democratic system and rule of law in Afghanistan. In democratic countries, rulers’ decisions are made on the basis of ruling laws and people’s will.
The parliamentary elections in the country which will be held on Saturday, Oct 20, 2018,is of immense important for Afghan people, government and even that of the international community supporting democratic process. Elections are not only a tool of democratic participation but also a severe contest for positions of leadership, power and access to resources.
This election, unlike previous ones, will be an Afghan led and the polling centers will be closely monitored by nearly 250,000 domestic observers, candidates’ agents and political parties’ monitors who are accredited to scrutinize the elections on 20 October.
This election is a turning point and a new chapter begins in the political life of the country. Any other means of securing power than public voting will no longer be valid and acceptable. As Afghan citizens, we believe while the results of the election are important, it is equally important that the election is completed and has become deeply embedded in the country’s political system.
Mass participation of the people in the coming election, on one hand, would lead the newly born democracy of Afghanistan to its right path, on the other it would show our people’s trust in the national electoral institutions and security forces.
Meanwhile, it will send a powerful message to those who are trying to destabilize the country and who believe that with the withdrawal of international forces, the balance of power will be shifted.
Unfortunately, most of the people in Afghanistan are unaware of their role in forming governmental system and political decision-making process. Therefore, it is necessary that they join the elections process and fulfill their national obligation.
The government of Afghanistan has spared no effort to prepare the bed for democratization and raising awareness among the people on their rights and the value of their votes to be cast in favor of a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary elections. Therefore, public support of elections process vital for Afghanistan’s nascent democracy and the achievements made during the past one and half decade.
By casting their votes, Afghans clearly say “No” to extremism and “Yes” to democracy.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.