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Afghans unity can foil enemies’ conspiracy

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Having unity in all stages is the only way to get rid of ongoing challenges across the country. Indeed, there is a strong need to better understand the internal and foreign enemies’ conspiracies for peace and stability in Afghanistan.
There is nothing the enemies fear more than Afghans’ unity; their only goal and main tactic is to keep the fire of discord burning in this country. They know the power of a nation if they are united. Therefore, the religion, race, location, language and mass-ignorance have been frequently used by them as basic tools again the war-suffered nation.
Speaking at the Council of Ministers’ meeting in Kabul, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Monday said that the aim of the enemies to stop elections did not work and the Taliban must have the courage to accept that they failed to achieve their goals.
He said that it has been a very hard struggle, but people have proven that they reject the sound of violence, terror and the return to the dark days of the past, adding that the Taliban did everything they could, but despite knowing about the threats the people came out to vote. 
“Our old men and females, youths and their enthusiasm, standing in line to vote, all that shows that people do not want Taliban ideology, but the Afghan people want a system based on the people’s vote, and in fact, we have witnessed a historical moment,” Dr. Abdullah added. 
Therefore, if Afghans truly love their homeland and want to see it as a developed and strong country in future as well as guarantee a safe and sound environment for the coming generations, it is needed that they immediately work to amend the wrong acts and remove the differences. They should avoid any remarks that help promote hatred among different groups.
Despite several times failure, the country’s sworn-in enemies are making more efforts to divide the Afghans through carrying out evil acts. At the same time, some regional players are also in this wickedness business. They are afraid of a stable and developed Afghanistan.
Meanwhile, there are many hands and elements working behind the scene to stoke sectarianism and split the nation. It is not an impromptu incident but a preplanned and systematic decision that has been mapped out by masterminds and the militants are the marionettes for carrying out their plans. Afghan nation should be on the alert for this issue and uphold national unity in the best possible way so as to live in peace and harmony. 
As Afghans exercised their votes in a democratic process like parliamentary elections with all its fears and threats, they can definitely overcome all other existing challenges with keeping unity and foiling all the vicious plans of the enemies, which is to destabilize the country and once again turn it into safe haven for their terrorist activities.
Afghans must realize, the dream of a vibrant, progressive and developed Afghanistan can only be achieved if we stand united against all odds and never allow the terrorists to bring disunity among us. Attacking our heroes, religious and holy places, schools, universities and the cultural centers, aiming to weak us shouldn’t affect our firm well and rather we must stand along with our security forces and government with iron-fist and try to support democratic processes and government’s development programs and build the war-torn country.

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