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‘Afghans’ true strength lies in unity & diversity’

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A suicide bomber targeted a convoy of Sikhs and Hindus on their way to meet president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani in the eastern city of Jalalabad on Sunday, killing at least 19 people. According to local officials, 17 out of 19 dead in the attack are from the minority Sikh and Hindu community.

The officials also confirmed that Khalsa, a longtime leader of the Sikh community who had planned to run in the parliamentary elections set for October, was killed in the attack. Meanwhile severalshops and vehicles caught fire as result of the attack.

Sikhs and Hindus have long suffered widespread violenceduring the civil war in the country. The community numbered more than 80,000 in the 1970s, but today a few thousands only remained in the country. Under Taliban rule in the late 1990s, they were told to identify themselves by wearing yellow armbands, but the dictate was not wholly enforced.

Meanwhilelarge numbers of Sikhs and Hindus have also sought asylum in India, which has a Hindu majority and a large Sikh population.

It is firmly believed that terrorist networks practice upon harsh ideology and kill people on the grounds of their race, religion, color and creed, both in Islamic and non-Islamic countries. That is to say, terrorism has changed into a global issue and has filled the air with a sense of fear and anxiety around the globe. Temples, churches and mosques come under terrorist attacks, in different parts of the world, every once in a while.

There is nothing the enemies fear more than Unity in Afghanistan; their number one tactic is to keep the fire of discord burning in this country. They know the power of a nation if they are united. Therefore, the religion, race, location, language and mass-ignorance have been frequently used by them as basic tools.

Many times, they applied their wicked strategies through a series of deadly attacks on Shia, Sunni and now on Sikh community, but luckily failed to reach their sinister goals. With attacking on civilians and killing dozens of innocents, they also proved that neither they are committed to Islamic teaching and nor to national or international values.

If Afghans truly love their country and want to see it as a developed and strong country in future, it is needed that they immediately work to correct the wrong acts. All ofthe people should avoid any post, video or comment that promotes hatred among different groups.

There are some social media pages that misusing opportunities and spreading haters and insulting certain groups, political and religious elites. In such a crucial circumstance that militants sparing no effort to target our people, weshould stop and boycott all those pages who are busy in spreading such poison.

The responsible and educated minds of society who can change public opinion should promote unity and love among the different ethnic groups. The terrorists should know that nearly four decades of war and bloodshed couldn’t divide the Afghans and such incidents would never succeed in bringing about disunity among the people and the Afghan nation. Our nation’s true strength lies in our unity and diversity.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.