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Afghans support timely presidential elections

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Few days ago, the United States was reported to ask the government of Afghanistan to postpone the upcoming presidential election, in a bid to engage Taliban in peace talks.
The Wall Street Journal cited an unnamed source, the idea has been raised by Zalmay Khalilzad, US Special Representative for Afghanistan reconciliation, after he talked with various stakeholders and intermediaries.
However, some political parties hailed the WSJ’s report on a possible US plan to press the government of Afghanistan to suspend the 2019’s election, as they believed the plan would further provide opportunity for holding an inclusive peace talks with the Taliban—the key government armed oppositions.
But, the president of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, after the report, echoing its stance said the presidential vote would be held on due time.
“The Government of Afghanistan is fully committed to hold the 2019 presidential elections as per the Afghan constitution and the IEC determined data about,” said the country’s presidential office.
Not only the government, but the House of People with an overwhelming majority of the members are seeking a timely held presidential elections and even most importantly, they rejected an interim government’s formation.
They also believed the move toward an interim government would be the start of another civil war in the country and called election the only way out to Afghanistan current crisis
Certainly, the poll should be held timely, as continuity in a democratic process, according to the country’s Presidential Office, is a must, rather to accept some parties or circles’ proposals who are seeking their own interests.
Plan for holding a timely presidential elections, would never weaken peace negotiation process with the Taliban and both of the most important voting plan and peace process should be carried out duly.
Peace plan would continue, unless to disrupt the presidential vote and most importantly, going ahead with a peace process needed a strong power within a strong peace plan of the upcoming government.
No need of convening Loya Jirga, currently to determine on interim government nor postponement of the presidential poll, is not important, as none of them overcomes the other.
Peace talks with the Taliban doesn’t mean victimization of democracy nor going to an inclusive Afghan-led and Afghan-owned negotiation means ignoring the importance of the elections. Both could be held duly—the presidential election on its slated time and the peace process any time needed.

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